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Medellin prepares for the World Urban Forum by launching ‘City Changer’ Campaign

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Medellin, Colombia – The city of Medellin is set to host the Seventh Session of the World Urban Forum, the world’s premier conference on cities, from 5-11 April 2014.  The city has not only prepared for the conference logistically, but also in spirit, by embracing the ‘I’m a City Changer’ campaign as a way of promoting urban change amongst the city’s youth. This movement has used the tagline “Puedo Cambiar el Mundo – I’m a City Changer,” and has caught on throughout the city.

The campaign, an initiative from the local organizing committee of the WUF7, works with 64 schools around the city, training over 40 children between the ages of 4-6, 600 young leaders between the ages of 15-17, and 120 teachers. They are being asked to explore their city, investigating how they can be active agents of the positive transformation that they see. The campaign participants are spreading the word about the Puedo Cambiar el Mundo – I’m a City Changer campaign, and are presenting what they have learned on the website www.puedocambiarelmundo.com.

The collective process of accumulating stories will culminate with six large city activities, where participants can share their experiences with the community and their cities.

This process has had incredible results. One example of the innovative projects of the youth involved is reflected in this rap song created by some of the young participants: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0BxLqMW2T8&feature=youtu.be

The local WUF7 organizing committee has another initiative, which is an open invitation to all artists from the city to show how through their artistic expression they can change the world.

There will be 56 artists who will be chosen to participate in 7 major city fairs begin on March 22. For more programming of this agenda, visit: http://www.puedocambiarelmundo.com/eventos

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Learn more at www.puedocambiarelmundo.com