The World Urban Campaign (WUC) is excited to announce the creation of an academy for urban solutions in the 21st century in order to support the implementation of the urban dimension of the Sustainable Development Goals. The Urban Thinkers Academy (UT Academy) is a new joint initiative of the WUC spearheaded by its professionals, gathered under the banner of the Habitat Professionals Forum (HPF) convened by UN-Habitat. It will build on Urban Solutions generated by the WUC partners and the outcomes of Urban Thinkers Campuses (UTCs) going on around the world since 2015, generating dialogue and action oriented projects around innovative alliances. The last generation of UTCs have brought together stakeholders around the table to define their priorities and conceive approaches towards the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, to ultimately achieve The City We Need.

  “The Urban Thinkers Academy, led by the Professionals of the World Urban Campaign, aims to promote knowledge sharing and action-oriented tools for urban actors - it will capitalise on the innovative and ambitious urban solutions worldwide brought by the Urban Thinkers Campuses.” - Didier Vancutsem, Chair, Habitat Professionals Forum

The UT Academies will furthermore discuss Urban Solutions provided by WUC partners through the recently launched Call for Urban Solutions. Through this Call, urban stakeholders are able to submit their solutions for a better urban future and The City We Need through an online portal. 

Now, with the creation of the Urban Thinkers Academy, experts and academics will focus on realistic strategies for implementing solutions into real cities and communities. The UT Academies are envisioned to be open spaces of collaboration and strategizing between urban planners, research institutions, professionals, organizations and universities. The Academies will have three main objects: Conceptualization of the curriculum to support city and urban planning, operationalization of course plans to make them flexible and region-specific, and professional impact of the courses and activities on development and planning. The courses and curriculums will be designed to fit the needs and desired impacts of different regions and corresponding urban issues.

The UT Academies will take place on university campuses all over the world. Every summer, academics, regional professionals and specific policy experts will congregate at a “Summer School” to collaborate strategy and develop action plans for real regional urbanization problems.

The call for proposal will be initiated during Urban October to engage research and academic institutions to join the UT Academy and contribute through various curriculums. An on-line UTA will complement live training and summer programmes.

To learn more about the UT Academy, you can DOWNLOAD THE FLYER HERE

Author by: World Urban Campaign(WUC).
Photo credits: WUC,Pexels(cc).