As a global multi-stakeholders engagement platform preparing for the Habitat III Conference, the WUC is pleased to introduce this NEW implementation platform under our commitment to ACT as city changers.

WHY: The WUC is determined to register commitments to the future New Urban Agenda that will be presented at the Habitat III Conference. Those commitments will be more than words. They will be initiatives that will support the implementation of the New Urban Agenda while addressing the Sustainable Development Goals, in line with the principles and drivers of change articulated in The City We Need and agreed upon by the WUC partners and the 7800 people engaged in the Urban Thinkers Campuses in 2015-16.

WHAT: The WUC Partners and their networks will commit to INITIATIVES that will support the implementation of the  New Urban Agenda. Those initiatives can be projects, platforms and tools (financial, institutional, technical) to support cities, regions, countries or regions. They will be implemented jointly, involving professionals, civil society and grassroot organizations, private sector organizations, foundations, youth groups, women groups,national, sub-national and local authorities, research and academia, medias, etc.

HOW: Register your commitments in the form below and allow these to be shared amongst the WUC partners and their networks in order to prepare for ACTION. You have the choice to open your initiative to other partners who may wish to join hands by adding their interest, competences, know-how and resources to the projects, platforms and tools that you will propose. The WUC will share all commitments at Habitat III through various channels. 

Be there and ready to be part of the change at Habitat III and in the implementation phase of the New Urban Agenda! REGISTER YOUR COMMITMENT NOW!!

Register your commitments

If you are not yet a WUC Partner, please indicate the nature of your organization.
Please describe the PURPOSE, SCOPE and NATURE of the initiative.
Please describe HOW the initiative will be implemented (stages, duration).
Please list and describe the intended beneficiaries of the initiative.
Please explain the governance of the initiative, in particular the roles of the different stakeholders associated to the initiative.
Please describe the intended financial mechanisms needed to implement the initiative.
Please indicate which SDGs your initiative is intended to address.
Please indicate which principles of The City We Need your initiative is intended to address.
Please indicate which drivers of change of The City We Need your initiative is intended to address.
Your organization may wish to open up to other partners in order to strengthen the initiative, bringing new competences, skills, know-how and experience of other stakeholders. If so, please click yes below.
If your organization is interested in calling for other partners to join the initiative, please explain in which area of expertise, competence, experience, outreach, etc.
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Your title indicating your function in the organization.

Thank you for sharing your commitment!

By registering your commitment on this ACT implementation platform of the WUC, your organization is willing to share information on your initiative with other partners on this website and related social medias, as well as at events organized in the framework of the WUC events.

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