ACUUS: ACUUS North America Management Meeting

ACUUS: ACUUS North America Management Meeting

On January 23, 2019 ACUUS (Associated research Centers for Urban Underground Space) met in the HNTB offices at the Empire State Building for its North America Management Meeting.  In attendance were; Sanja Zlatanic – HNTB, ACUUS Board, Priscilla Nelson – ACUUS Board, Dr. Amy Huanqing Li – Manager of Services to Members, Shivani Patel- ACCUS North America Young Member Group, Dorothy McKie ACUUS North America administrative assistant, and potential members (Dominic Reda and Alfredo Valdivia of Gall Zeidler, and Gloria Lau of HNTB).

ACUUS was established in 1983, incorporated in Canada in 1996, has 23 institutional members from 15 countries and establishes a common platform for all professionals involved in urban underground space aspects to explore and adopt innovative and sustainable solutions related to modern underground space use.

The management meeting hosted by Ms. Zlatanic covered ACUUS activities with UN-HABITAT, World Urban Campaign and the forum at World Cities Day in Shanghai (October 31st, 2019).  A brief description of ACUUS history was given along with a discussion of milestones and new action plans.

Dr. Amy Huanqing Li presented a detailed Secretariat report of ACUUS activities, targeting priorities in the USA, marketing strategies and immediate goals (link to the presentation below). A major emphasis was placed on setting up Youth Group Americas with Shivani Patel as Chair.  This group will support the World Cities Day youth forum activities and collaborate with UCA Youth Committee for this major event to be held in Shanghai on 1st - 3rd November where ACUUS would be represented with its forum.

Special attention was paid to the planning of the ACUUS 17th World Conference in Helsinki, Finland (September 2020).

The meeting culminated with a working session and exchange of ideas which included arranging workshops and inviting experts from existing networks and beyond to join the organization.

Article by Dorothy McKie
Photo Credits: Dorothy McKie (CC)