ACUUS-GEO supporting the WUC in 2019

ACUUS-GEO supporting the WUC in 2019

From the perspective of humankind building development history, the 19th century was marked by bridge building and its development, and the 20th century was dominated by highrise building and its development. However, for the new century, as predicted in the Tokyo Declaration in 1991 by the Associated Research Centers for Urban Underground Space (ACUUS): ‘The 21st century is expected to be the era of underground space utilization.’ In the past 30 years, underground engineering has been developing in a large scale, deeper stratum, complex environment and extensive field. Acquiring space, resources and security from underground is the inevitable demand and trend of the modernization development of all countries and regions in the world. High-quality development and sustainable utilization of underground space has become an international consensus.

Supporting the World Urban Campaign by ACUUS, The 1st International Conference on Exploration and Utilization of Underground Space (EUUS) was initiated by ACUUS Working Group on Urban Geology and Underground Space (ACUUS-GEO, based in Sino Probe Center) at the right time and strongly supported by related international societies and influential journals. It will develop into the most important continuing conference in the world on exploration and utilization of underground space, aiming to provide a forum for exchanging new experiences and discussing future developments on the High-quality development and sustainable utilization of underground space.

The EUUS2019 will be hosted by the Institute of Rock and Soil Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IRSM-CAS) and State Key Laboratory of Geomechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (SKLGME), and co-organized by nearly 30 research institutes and enterprises. It will be a big party equipped with main conference, workshops, dialogue, short courses, and panel discussion to strengthen closer exchanges and cooperation among researchers, engineers, technicians, and managers with difference experience in the field of underground space and engineering. Besides, we are probably about to launch a new Declaration on sustainable development and utilization of underground space.

Please put Wuhan on your itinerary in 2019 and we are anticipating your active participation for the EUUS2019.

Article by Dr. Amy Huanqing LI
Photo Credits: ACUUS