AIVP: 1st Indian Ocean Days: Urban strategies of port cities for an attractive living environment

AIVP: 1st Indian Ocean Days: Urban strategies of port cities for an attractive living environment

AIVP Indian Ocean Days will take place in Le Port (Reunion Island) from November 7th to 9th, 2018. View the full programme here.

Faced with the challenges of local and global sustainable development, coupled with the need to find common solutions, economic operators and institutional organizations are increasingly coming together to develop projects jointly. As part of this new approach, economic development projects backed by port authorities, local communities or businesses themselves need to take account of local environmental and social issues together, at an early stage.

The port cities of the Indian Ocean are experiencing powerful demographic and economic movements, bringing with them opportunities for growth for ports and their partners. Within this vast, multicultural, fragmented regional community, the ocean and maritime activities act as a potent link. Port cities are also vying in competition, needing to attract investors and new talents while guaranteeing jobs and quality of life for their local populations. As they look to meet these challenges, cooperation and bilateral or multilateral partnerships to support local initiatives are a very important asset.

This AIVP meeting in the Indian Ocean is intended to lay the groundwork for regional cooperation on the issues that ports are set to face in the future. By promoting greater awareness and understanding of the actions being taken by all of the region’s port cities, and by encouraging the sharing of experience on projects, the aim is to identify areas in which they can work together for the benefit of each local initiative.

The debates will take place around three key themes:

  • Theme 1: City-port strategies for a maritime living environment
  • Theme 2: Economic city-port trends for the Indian Ocean
  • Theme 3: Measures in favour of employment in the port cities of the Indian Ocean

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