AIVP: AIVP Days - Competing through Port-City animation

AIVP: AIVP Days - Competing through Port-City animation

Do you want to draw the future of your port city?

Would you like to learn how to create effective urban events? 

Are you interested in highlighting innovations on your territory?

Then, come and discuss about the different international experiences! Dialogue between the city, port, businesses and local community is increasingly key to successful development, and a guarantee of better international competitiveness.  From simple open days designed to give a wide audience an insight into the economic realities of local ports and industries, to the introduction of “port center” style mediation platforms, or festive and cultural events, the range of solutions employed to promote city-port projects is considerable. They promote the industrial, economic or social innovations that will make tomorrow’s port cities and encourage all concerned to think about their role in the dynamics that are taking shape.

Four debates will take place during these AIVP Days:
1.            The City Port event: moving from a one-off to a permanent fixture
2.            Cultural facilities: a point of convergence in City Port life
3.            The digital revolution: opening up new prospects for City Port life
4.            Return on investment for the City Port territory

The city of Le Havre will be at the topic’s core with the celebration of its 500th anniversary! Le Havre will host 6 months of extraordinary festivities! Don’t miss it! Register Now!

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AIVP Days are international meetings of about 200 participants, including major port and urban decision makers, technical experts, researchers, economic and institutional players to think about the future of port cities development. AIVP is the only international organization that, for 30 years, has been bringing together all the public and private development stakeholders in port cities.

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