Arcadis Shelter program active in New Urban Agenda implementation

Arcadis Shelter program active in New Urban Agenda implementation

Since 2010 Arcadis is supporting UN-Habitat through the Shelter program. Activities include technical support in over 80 missions for UN-Habitat projects all over the world, an annual Shelter Academy for knowledge transfer, sponsorship for the World Urban Campaign and active participation in Urban Thinkers Campuses. With regard to project support early 2017 Arcadis provided expertise in Belmopan Belize and in Kigali Rwanda.

In Belmopan UN-Habitat support sustainable urbanization, Arcadis experts worked on water management and urban planning creating blue green frameworks, combining flood protection with a more attractive city. In Rwanda UN-Habitat is developing a Smart Cities Master Plan, using information technology for better cities. In preparation of the large African Smart Cities Conference in May the Shelter program provided support to UN-Habitat with interviews in Kigali and with examples of Smart City projects.

In Hong Kong and Palermo Italy Arcadis experts took part in Urban Thinkers Campuses. Theme of the Campuses was to relate the New Urban Agenda to implementation in the local situation. Implementation of the New urban Agenda was also the theme of the Shelter workshops which were held in Arcadis offices in Antwerp, Berlin, Sao Paulo and Santiago de Chile.

In these workshops Arcadis staff is challenged to connect projects such as the Rwanda Smart Cities projects, the Urban Thinkers Campuses and the New Urban Agenda, to provide input for UN-Habitat and World Urban Campaign activities.

During 2017 the Shelter program will continue the support to UN-Habitat providing technical support for UN-Habitat missions, taking part in Urban Thinkers Campuses and organizing urban workshops and the Shelter Academy. 

Article by Bert Smolders
Photo Credits: Arcadis (CC)