On 28 November, UN-Habitat partner AXA International will be hosting an event called “Building Resilient Cities.” The event will take place at the AXA headquarters in Paris with the presence of UN-Habitat.

The event aims to bring together the knowledge and expertise of cities and resilience stakeholders and will be open to the public. Attendees will include academics and representatives from the private and public sectors together with AXA and UN-Habitat teams.

Presentations and debates will focus on the fact that cities everywhere are increasingly at risk to different natural disasters compounded by rapid urbanization. Talks will explore possible ways of adapting cities to be more resilient environmentally, financially and in terms of health.

The event will feature plenary sessions and talks given by Rob Kunzig of National Geographic Magazine, Deborah Balk of the AXA Research Fund, Jo Douwes, Deputy Chief Resilience Officer of Durban and Esteban Leon of UN-Habitat. Those will be followed by a panel discussion on the topic: Systemic Risk: What is at Stake for Cities? The event will end with a series of debates focusing on flooding, earthquakes, demographic and city resilience.

Axa and Un-Habitat have developed a two-year partnership on city resilience aimed at promoting compliance towards safer construction strategies for decision-makers. Anchored in UN-Habitat City Resilience Profiling Programme (CRPP), the partnership is also promoted under UN-Habitat’s World Urban Campaign in order to help cities around the world face climate risks and natural disasters better. AXA understands that partnering with the civil society will help deliver true impact.

For more information on the event, download the program here

Follow the event on social media! The AXA Research Fund will be co-hosting the event with AXA and both will be live-tweeting the conference at their handles @AXAResearchFund and @AXA.