CNJUR: CNJUR Kids. Urban Rights for children: changing the civilization.

CNJUR: CNJUR Kids. Urban Rights for children: changing the civilization.

Urban spaces, our cities and towns are inhabited by people. Equitable cities require citizens who are aware and responsible of their rights. The formation of such awareness at an early age, with a sustainable educational model, will translate in the formation of individuals with the ability to contribute to the respect and construction of their environment. 

The City of Riobamba, Ecuador was the host of the "Urban Lab: Legal Course Towards Habitat III" as an initiative of the World Urban Campaing and the Urban Campaign "My City My Choice" promoted by UN Habitat, the International Association of Urbanistic Jurisprudence (CNJUR International), directed to face the challenges presented by urbanization and a better urban future. In this context, the Urban Thinkers Kids Ecuador Workshops were developed with the participation of children from the Educational Units of the City of Riobamba: San Felipe Neri, San Vicente de Paúl, San Ignacio de Loyola and the boys, girls and teenagers members of the Council for the Protection of Rights of the Riobamba Cantón.

The first day began with a workshop that took the participants along the central and historic area of the city of Riobamba for the visualization of the issues and virtues offered by the sector, they the shared experiences with citizens, listened to part of the history and important events from elderly people and finally the participants issued their point of view for it to be acknowledged by the City Mayor.

On the second day, under the same methodology and with the attendance of the girls, boys of the educational unit of San Igancio de Loyola, suburban spaces were visited and experiences with students of the Nidia Jaramillo School, located on the periphery were shared. They also issued their points of view regarding Education.

For day three , children from the educational units of San Felipe Neri and San Vicente de Paúl, on a particular scenario denominated Riobamba Park, shared their experiences and their views with the topic Environment.

The last day of the workshop, a delegation of children held a meeting with the highest authority in the city, Napoleón Cadena Oleas, who after listening the vision and message from the children, recognized their participation and commitment.

Finally, on the closing ceremony of the "Urban Thinkers Lab: Legal Course Towards Habitat III", before the city mayor, organizers, panelists, students and citizens; the children presented the conclusions and results of the workshop. Normally adults are the ones who work and design regulations, legal frameworks and city models that will define the futures of children. A lot of the decisions will have long term impacts. But the need to design the model that allows to align the beliefs, intentions and conscience of every citizen that will inhabit the cities, is still pending. Developing an educational model to allow children to shape, design, understand and respect the law will forge fulfilled citizens. This will make sustainable, viable and rich proposals. A change of the urban civilization.

Article by CNJUR
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