Doppelmayr: Urbanization and new modes of transport

Doppelmayr: Urbanization and new modes of transport

Urbanization is a megatrend of our time and it concerns all of us. Rapid growing cities are places where transformation processes happen continuously. On the one hand, cities are often associated with places of economic wealth, freedom and happiness. On the other hand, they face great challenges due to the demographic development, climate change and high pollution. Therefore it is important to focus on the transport sector for addressing issues related to energy, the environment and the global climate. Public transportation has an enormous impact on cities development worldwide affecting the daily life of its inhabitants. Being exposed to high CO2 emissions, experiencing long waiting hours because of traffic lanes and feeling unsafe on the streets affects the life of all.

New transportation modes are needed to match the current challenges and work towards a sustainable future. This urgently requires a new approach and conception of transport services and mobility. What about flying up in the air, above the city? Overcoming easily traffic congestions and avoiding waiting hours? Enjoying a safe transport mode up in the air? This is not only an idea far from reality but represents the daily means of transport of many people worldwide. In La Paz, Bolivia or Portland, Oregon cable cars are being used as a regular transport mode. Commuters are using this transport on a daily basis. They travel safely with the cable car to their desired destination (work, school / university, leisure activities etc.) overcoming any obstacles on the ground and enjoying the next level of mobility. This innovative urban transport mode can perfectly be integrated into the existing city´s infrastructure also as a transport feeder. Furthermore cable cars inspire urban and transport planners in offering an intermodal and sustainable transport solution for their cities. They are environmentally friendly, have a small footprint and low CO2 emissions. Cable car´s high attractiveness and security generate safety within the society and enable passengers to enjoy comfort and fast connections.

Having a good working public transport system fosters a positive healthy urban development. New transport modes, such as cable cars, have to be considered when working towards building smart and safe cities. Some urban areas already started implementing innovative transport solutions and serve as best practice examples for its successors. Benefitting from cable cars, the next level of mobility, means working towards a sustainable urban mobility future for our cities.

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Article by Doppelmayr Seilbahnen GmbH
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