Eutropian gmbh: The Cooperative City Magazine – 2018 readings

Eutropian gmbh: The Cooperative City Magazine – 2018 readings

The aim of th Cooperative City Magazine is to bring to our readers novel contents on how locally rooted development projects shape european cities. Thanks to our role as experts in a few Urbact projects, we have been focusing our work on digital governance, participation and social inclusion. As a result, different outcomes can be seen on our magazine: articles, videos and readings.

Financial crisis
You can read an article about the similarities and differences between the Southern states and watch inspiring videos of a community kitchen started-up as a BIP/ZIP project, and an urbanre-activation in Bari.

Social inclusion
We talked about inclusive approaches employed by cities for immigrants and the “welcome class” held in Portugal. In Portugal we have also interviewed Miguel Brito who shared with us an overview of Com.Unity.Lab, a Local Development Strategy focused on a Co-governance process that organizes and brings together a bottom-up participatory perspective with top-down public management.

Digital governance
We have wrote about the digital ecosystem in Amsterdam and produced a video interview about the open participation process in Madrid.

New technologies and participation
Digital communication tools are not only helpful for announcements and adverts, but can also help needy citizens to get in touch or mobilise vicinities.

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