Sharing Design, Innovation and Technology for the City Prosperity


Sharing Design, Innovation and Technology for the City Prosperity

25 Oct 2017 to 27 Oct 2017
, Spain

1. Event Title: Sharing Design, Innovation and Technology for the City Prosperity

2. WUC Partner Organization Hosting the Campus: ESNE. Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología
3. Other Partner Organization(s) Co-Hosting the Campus: n.a. 
4. UTC Date:  Wednesday, 25 October 2017 to Friday, 27 October 2017 
5. Location / Venue:  Avenida de Alfonso XIII, 97., Edificio de ESNE (ESNE building), 28016 Madrid / Spain 
6. Languages: Spanish / English 
7. Sustainable Development Goals addressed by this UTC: 


8. Description of the Campus 

The proposed Urban Thinkers Campus aims to explore the role of the different branches of design in improving the living conditions of our cities that directly influence the guarantee of their prosperity.
The general objectives of the Campus are as follows:
  • To identify specific areas of design that can be linked to the prosperity of our cities
  • To define actions combining the improvement of the living conditions of citizens through design with the guarantee of prosperity of our cities
  • To formulate programs of "Smart specialization" as an instrument for the transformation of inherited realities, avoiding the generalist processes
  • To explore mechanisms that use design also as an engine of social innovation for the generation of more cohesive societies
  • To stimulate actions to define the future of cities as ecosystems that favor innovation, concentration and transmission of knowledge, initiatives and entrepreneurship.
  • To characterize all actions with a common bottom-up profile to ensure the empowerment of citizens
10. List of Speakers / Moderators
  • Caecilia Pieri. Associate Researcher. Institut français du Proche-Orient. Paris-Beirut
  • José Luis Vallejo. Co-founder and Manager of ECOSISTEMA URBANO. Madrid
  • Sergio Álvarez Leiva. CPO (Chief Product Officer) of CARTO. Madrid
  • Salvador Rueda. Director of BCNECOLOGIA. Barcelona
  • Silvia Villacañas. General Director of Strategy and Urban Regeneration. Madrid City Council


  • Francisco Javier González. PhD Architect. Professor of Universidad Europa. Madrid
  • Jesús Leal. PhD Sociologist. Chair Professor. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Ivan Lastra. Computer Engineer. Cybersecurity Manager. VECTOR ITC GROUP. Madrid
  • Rafael Magro. PhD Civil Engineer. Professor. Universidad Camilo José Cela. Madrid
  • Campus Coordinator:
  • Angel Luis Fernández. PhD Architect. Professor. Head of the Urban Design Research Center. ESNE. Madrid
  • Institutional Coordinator:
  • Alberto López. PhD Industrial Engineer. Professor. Secretary-General of ESNE. Madrid
11. Contact:
  • Angel Luis Fernández. PhD Professor. ESNE: Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología.
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