Sustainable Innovation Zones (ZIS): Lessons from Porto Alegre, Santo Angelo, Panama City, London, Oakland, and other cities.


Sustainable Innovation Zones (ZIS): Lessons from Porto Alegre, Santo Angelo, Panama City, London, Oakland, and other cities.

16 Dec 2019 to 18 Dec 2019
Porto Alegre
, Brazil

1. Title of the Campus: Sustainable Innovation Zones (ZIS): Lessons from Porto Alegre, Santo Angelo, Panama City, London, Oakland, and other cities.

2. Lead Partner Organization: Global Urban Development (GUD)
3. Other Partner Organizations: 
  1. Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS)
  2. Porto Alegre Sustainable Innovation Zone (ZISPOA)
  3. Santo Angelo Sustainable Innovation and Creativity Zone (ZISSAN)
  4. Panama City Sustainable Innovation Zone (ACTA)
  5. Innovation Pact (Pacto Alegre)
  6. Porto Alegre Inquieta
  7. UFO
  8. Virada Sustentavel
  9. Porto Alegre City Government
  10. Rio Grande do Sul State Government
4. UTC Date: 
December 16-18, 2019
5. Location / Venue: 
​Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Centenario Building, Praca Argentina 9,
Porto Alegre, RS, 90040-020, Brazil
6. Language: 
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese 
7. Description of the Campus: 

This new Urban Thinkers Campus follows up on our UTC held in Porto Alegre during November 2017 with nearly 200 participants and 75 speakers, focusing on the first two years of progress by the Porto Alegre Sustainable Innovation Zone (ZISPOA). This second UTC will focus on two more years of progress by ZISPOA , especially in collaboration with UFRGS, and the recent spreading of Sustainable Innovation Zones to Santo Angelo, another city in Rio Grande do Sul); Panama City, Panama;; London, UK;; Oakland (California), US; and potentially many other cities in Brazil, Latin America, Europe, and North America. We will discuss how to effectively coordinate applying each of the six elements together: Innovation and Technology, Entrepreneurship and Startups, Sustainability and Resource Efficiency, Creativity and Collaboration, Participatory Community Management, and Business-Friendly Environment. Also, we will explore how to build citizen-community-university-business-government partnerships to expand sustainable energy, sustainable mobility ,and many other key urban Sustainable Innovation and Inclusive Prosperity initiatives to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, New Urban Agenda, and Paris Climate Agreement by 2030.

8. UTC Programme: 

The campus will be organized with many active participants from key stakeholders groups in Porto Alegre, including university professors and students, entrepreneurs, professionals and technical experts, sustainability and social activists, government officials, and others, together with a substantial contingent from Santo Angelo, and representatives participating electronically from Panama City, Oakland, London, and Freiburg. Part of the program will consist of an interactive review of progress and challenges in the six cities, sharing insights and wisdom learned from a wide variety of positive and negative experiences, to collectively identify new pathways moving forward, including the potential for more effective collaboration and support between these six cities as well as potentially many more cities that may join the growing Sustainable Innovation Zone global movement over the coming decade. The other main element of the program will be encouraging new commitments to action by all of the participants.

9. List of Speakers / Moderators: TBC
10. Contact: 
  1. Professor Dr. Marc A. Weiss, GUD/ZISPOA/UFRGS,
  2. Nancy J. Sedmak-Weiss, GUD/ZISPOA,
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