Wamama Tunauwezo 3 (Women Have The Power)


Wamama Tunauwezo 3 (Women Have The Power)

17 Sep 2018 to 19 Sep 2018
Nairobi , NA
, Kenya

1.Title of the Campus: Wamama Tunauwezo 3 (Women Have The Power)

2.Lead Partner Organization: Huairou Commission 

3.Other Partner Organization(s) Co-Hosting the Campus: Polycom Development Project / AMANI WOMEN NETWORK

4.UTC Date: Monday19th September 2018 to Wednesday,19st September 2018

5.Location / Venue: Nairobi, Kenya

6.Language: English / Kiswahili

7.Description of the Campus (Overview, Objectives, Summary)

The three day event will take place at KOyaro Centre in Ayany Estate in Kibera, Nairobi County from 17th through 19th and will be attended by among others 20 women from 7 counties - members of the grassroots women assembly.

Day 1: 17th September, Will start with radio discussions on the demolitions that have badly affected the lives of women living in Nairobi. “How safe are women?” this is the question that will lead the live discussions.
Grassroots women from 7 counties will then meet to discuss progress on implementation of the outcome of Wamama Tunauwezo 2 (2017 Urban Thinkers Campus), report on progress of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals as well as the New Urban Agenda in their various counties. They will revisit the grassroots women empowerment tools by Huairou Commission and how they are doing in organizing in their various communities. They will prepare themselves strategically on how to engage with the bigger team during the main UTC event on 18th September.

Day 2: 18th will be the official opening ceremony of the Urban Thinkers Campus by the World Urban Campaign, UN Habitat Officials and Kenyan Government Officials. The event will be attended by other dignitaries, stakeholders, County and local government as well as members of the community. Lead questions will be used to facilitate partner group discussions. A presentation on women are exposed to insecurity because of demolitions that have been witnessed in the recent past. There will be round tables, urban lab, Urban Thinkers Campus sessions and a plenary. Partner groups will have their own round table develop joint approach and steps towards a safer, inclusive and healthy City, jointly come up with innovations during the urban lab sessions and use the Urban Thinkers campus session to discuss and pass the same. All the groups will then meet on plenary session with experts to discuss and develop a joint outcome document with clear road map towards a Safer City.

Day 3: The women from the counties will use the opportunity to harvest the lessons learnt and develop strategies for dissemination, especially on how to monitor engagement of women in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in their various counties. They will discuss how to address double discriminations that limit women from accessing opportunities in their various communities, especially on matters of safety.
Expected participants: 100 people are expected to attend this meeting, among them, academicians, researchers, community practitioners, the media, community constituent groups among them 20 women from 8 Counties across Kenya, the County and National Government representatives as well as legislators. Representatives of women rights organizations, teachers, and organized women groups will be taken into consideration during mobilization.
Moderators: Representatives from the World Urban Campaign, SDG Forum Kenya, Amani Women Network and Polycom Development Project will moderate the sessions.

8.UTC Programme: Here

9.List if Speakers / Moderators: 
Mary Akoth Opot - The Confluencers
Angela Mwai - Head of the UN Habitat Gender Equality Unit
Violet Shivutse - Board Chair, Huairou Commission
Jane Anyango - Founding Director, Polycom Development Project
Ann Wanjiru - MLAHRA
Dr. Sella Kong'oro - Assistance Director Research ,Policy and planning, NCIC
Dr. Steve Ouma Akoth - Executive Director, Pamoja Trust
Florence Seyvou - SDG Forum, Kenya
Ana Gabriele Sabancevaite - Global Organizer and Policy Specialist, Huairou Commission, Cell: 347-261-5335 anagabriele.sabancev
Jane Anyango Odongo, Polycom Development Project - +254722437620, polycomdev@yahoo.com
Ann Wanjiru, MLAHRA, +254430430, ann_wanjiru@yahoo.com
12.Social Media Channels: 
@polycomdev @nyasigoti @Huairouconnect #UrbanThinkers #HabariKibra