Global Forum on Human Settlements: International Green Model City online assessment system officially launched

Global Forum on Human Settlements: International Green Model City online assessment system officially launched

The Relevance between IGMC and SDG 11

International Green Model City (IGMC) Online Assessment and Certification System was officially launched on May 1, 2018 by the Global Forum on Human Settlements in collaboration with Shenzhen International Green Model City Investment and Management Co., Ltd. The system can be accessed via The system is a global online assessment and certification platform for sustainable cities and communities, based on the "IGMC standards 3.0", using the internet and big data technology to make assessments and diagnosis of cities and communities in a much easier way. Moreover, as an advanced technical tool and guidance for sustainable urban development, the system greatly facilitate the engagement of city and community administrators including all relevant stakeholders. Everybody can score for their own city and community. In short, the system uses the Internet to collect and analyze data, assess and certificate, promote IGMC standards and Initiative, strengthen capacity building, offers IGMC members and all urban stakeholders an advanced intelligent interconnection platform to facilitate the implementation of SDGs and New Urban Agenda.

When you input the site - it is the acronym for the International Green Model City Initiative on your computer or phone, you will easily open the website. From the home page, you can see a total of eight main columns: "About ", "News", "VIPs", "Assessment", "Certification", "Certified", "Experts" and "Pilots". In addition, you can also purchase commodities, such as E-books/Journals and other physical goods on line in “My IGMC” column and watch videos of IGMC at the bottom of this page. Among them, "Assessment" and "certification" are the core of the system.


Assessment is one of the core functions of this website. If you want to measure the sustainability of your city/community, or you want to know how far it is apart from IGMC standards and how to improve it , you may use this system tools. The assessment system consists of a total of 320 points, covering the six major dimensions ( Safety, Sustainability, Equity, Identity, Prosperity and Happiness ). There are currently the city and community versions, of them, the city version is targeted for cities (districts and towns), industrial parks and large-scale development and urban renewal projects, including the 18 categories and 112 indicators while the community version is for communities, neighborhoods, new city/ town development and urban renewal projects, including the 16 categories and 109 indicators.

The entry data online in the IGMC Assessment system can be used to assess and diagnose the existing cities / communities and those projects at the planning design stage, and to compare with their peers for avoiding risks and improving investment efficiency, which has a positive role in providing scientific guidance for the planning, development and management of sustainable cities/ communities.


Certification is also one of the core functions of the system. IGMC Rating System has 320 points in total, any project scores more than 210 points meeting the IGMC minimum standards, qualifies for an IGMC certification. The certification process includes basic data submission, import assessment data, upload documents and payment, all can complete online.


The International Green Model City Initiative

Supported by international organizations like UNEP and other national and local governments, Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS) launched the International Green Model City Initiative (IGMC Initiative) at the UN Headquarters in April, 2011 to address the great challenges of the rapid global urbanization. The Initiative never stops improving itself to keep up with the times.

The IGMC Initiative aims to build sustainable cities and human settlements for all and to support the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the New Urban Agenda by taking the IGMC Standards 3.0 as an advanced assessment and guidance tool for sustainable urban development and by providing innovative concepts, integrated strategies and methodologies, benchmarks and monitoring framework as well as demand-oriented solutions and pilots, in conjunction with other approaches. The IGMC Standards 3.0 was released at the Habitat III in 2016. It’s vision is based on six basic principles: safety, sustainability, equity, identity, prosperity and happiness. It is rooted in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the New Urban Agenda.

Currently, some well-known cities and enterprises have joined the IGMC Initiative, such as Vancouver (Canada), Cape Town (South Africa), Mannheim (Germany), Seberang Perai (Malaysia), Cuenca (Ecuador), Liuyang National Economic & Technical Development Zone, Wuyi County of Zhejiang Province, China Railway Real Estate Group, Vanke, Country Garden, Mission Hills. Some of them have also been on the list of IGMC pilots.

Article by Lu Haifeng
Photo Credits: Global Forum on Human Settlements (CC)