IFHP actions in fast growing cities

IFHP actions in fast growing cities


Nairobi, Bangalore, Porto Alegre. IFHP actions in fast growing cities exploring housing & habitat issues around the globe.

At its mid-way exploration and programme of activities investigating housing & habitat issues and challenges around the world, IFHP continues its process of understanding and co-action to produce knowledge with the will to voice emerging local questions, test innovative solutions and approaches and promote best practices to be shared globally.

In this context, IFHP focused on new strategies for developing public spaces in Nairobi, a fast growing city that faces serious challenges in developing into an inclusive and prosperous environment. With the aim to develop a sustainable, viable and long-term agenda for Nairobi’s public spaces as an entry point to urban development,  IFHP partnered with Placemakers, INTI and the community based organisation, Mustard Seeds & Dandora Transformation League, to create the “Making Cities Together” project, a Placemaking design lab that took place last May in Nairobi (video available online).

On the same dimension of channeling the urbanization process and managing growth in fast growing cities, in a manner that ensures equal opportunity for all citizens, IFHP will foster a pioneering design lab in Bangalore October next, the Indian Urban Lab, in partnership with the Danish Architecture Centre, INHAF and INDÉ investigating the relation between water, space and the growing metropolis. On the other side of the globe, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, an IFHP applied research Lab on Co-operative Housing Development for Affordable Quality Habitat and Community Development will be launched in the Autumn responding to the great urgency for an up-scaling of slum upgrading and regularization projects. Again in Porto Alegre IFHP Working Group Urbego organizes a collaborative workshop in partnership with PUCRS (15th-17th October) to investigate the economic, politic-institutional and civic-cultural aspects of the participation in Porto Alegre. The methodology applied YEI – Youth Engagement Index analyses the governance and young generation’s active participation in shaping public spaces and urban environment and the creative process of engaging citizens and stakeholders in city making.              

For more information about IFHP upcoming activities, visit IFHP calendar 2015: http://www.ifhp.org/events/upcoming