INUC’s First Urban Dialogue on “Urban Ecology & Environment” Held in Tehran.

INUC’s First Urban Dialogue on “Urban Ecology & Environment” Held in Tehran.

16 June 2016 - the INUC’s first Urban Dialogue on “Urban Ecology & Environment” held in UN Common Premises in Tehran, Giving a description of The city Iranians Need(TCIN) based on people’s ideas in terms of “Urban Ecology & Environment” concepts, and discussing the obstacles towards TCIN, the Urban Ecology & Environment working group led the session.

Some of the Headlines of TCIN:

  • The city Iranians Need is a city for all beings (referring to biodiversity)
  • The city Iranians Need protects natural heritage
  • The city Iranians Need lacks noise pollution
  • In The city Iranians Need everyone can breathe
  • The city Iranians Need is a city without zoo

The “Urban Ecology & Environment” working group defined TCIN as a Resilient Social-Ecological System and classified the ideas in two main categories: “man-made environment” and “natural environment”. "Environment and morality” was one of the interesting concepts found in people’s ideas in the second category. Then, all working groups had a discussion on the challenges towards the city Iranians need in each category. The session will be followed with another one to derive the solutions.

Urban Dialogue is an opportunity in the second phase of INUC to analyze and process people’s ideas, solutions and recommendations on The City Iranians Need. As the inputs are assorted based on Habitat III issue papers, the thematic urban dialogues will focus on the following six areas: social cohesion and equity, urban frameworks, spatial development, urban economy, urban ecology and environment, and urban housing and basic services. 

Iran’s National Urban Campaign is jointly coordinated by UN-Habitat Iran and Iran’s National Habitat Committee.

Photo Credits: UN-Habitat (CC)