INUC’s Third Urban Dialogue on “Urban Economy” Held in Tehran.

INUC’s Third Urban Dialogue on “Urban Economy” Held in Tehran.

30 June 2016- Third round of INUC’s Urban Dialogue held in United Nations Common Premises in Tehran with a special focus on Urban Economy. In this session, the urban economy working group described The City Iranians Need based on received inputs from people. The working group classified people’s ideas in three main categories; Local Economic Development, Jobs & Livelihoods, and Informal Economy. Moreover, a meaningful connection was made between people’s ideas and SDGs. 

  • In The City Iranians Need nobody is poor and hungry
  • The City Iranians Need offers equal job opportunities to all
  • The City Iranians Need bears the least negative externalities from industrial development and transportation
  • In The City Iranians Need nobody is unemployed.

Following the description, all working groups tried to discover social, spatial, environmental and management barriers against TCIN in terms of Urban Economy so that they could find the solutions.

Here are some of the solutions:

  • Creating an appropriate mechanism to implement different models of SCI(System of Crop Intensification) in urban-rural economy
  • Conducting a policy framework for local jobs
  • Creating environmental accounts in order to decrease negative impacts of industrial development

The Urban Dialogues launched on 9 June 2016 and will be continued till 28 July 2016.

Photo Credits: UN-Habitat (CC)