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The purpose of National Urban Campaigns is to rally all Habitat Agenda Partners to the same cause: making cities liveable places for a sustainable future. Campaigns are meant to help catalyze the engagement of all partners that have the potential to articulate pressing urban issues, to propose solutions and commit to shared goals and actions towards Habitat III. Using ‘I’m a City Changer’ and other key messages, National Urban Campaigns will help catalyze forward-thinking on:

  • Positive urban development
  • Solutions to urban challenges
  • Giving voice to people to change our urban future

Launching a National Urban Campaign

National Governments are encouraged to launch their own National Urban Campaign using the National Habitat Committee framework in promotion of the urban agenda, engaging all partners and mobilizing the media to disseminate key messages.

National Urban Campaigns shall:

  • Emphasize positive changes in the urban sector
  • Reward successful initiatives
  • Encourage all key players to take bold action for better cities

For that, countries can adapt the global messages disseminated through the World Urban Campaign, to their national needs and contexts.

They can launch 'I’m a City Changer' awareness-raising campaigns to convey to each and every citizen that changes in consumption, technology use, life styles and attitudes can dramatically improve quality of life and impact the livability of cities.

Better City, Better Life and ‘I’m a City Changer’ can become a reality at the national level.

What do countries commit to?

  • Countries convene a National Habitat Committee composed of a wide range of partners from public, private and civil society organisations through an inclusive process.
  • Countries support the design of a policy framework for concerted action and programmes that address national urban issues.
  • Countries mobilize the partners of the National Urban Forum towards the preparation of a National Urban Campaign.
  • Countries formulate key messages for the National Habitat Committee and mobilize partners in an awareness raising and communication campaign to disseminate those messages.

Participation and Visibility

How do National Urban Forums feature in the World Urban Campaign?
  • They are listed on the World Urban Campaign brochures.
  • They are listed on the World Urban Campaign website.
How can National Urban Forums make use of the World Urban Campaign’s branding?
  • They can make use of the World Urban Campaign and 'I’m a City Changer' logos for materials dedicated to the National Urban Forum.
  • They can quote slogans and messages proposed by the World Urban Campaign on the National Urban Forum website and other media.
How do countries feature at the World Urban Forum?
  • They can participate in World Urban Campaign events at the World Urban Forum.


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