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Become a City Changer

The I’m a City Changer campaign is the individual entry point in the World Urban Campaign.  ‘I’m a City Changer’ is a slogan of the World Urban Campaign, meant to inspire you to become a city changer and to embody the spirit and meaning of “Better City, Better Life.”

  • City Changers raise awareness to achieve better, smarter, planned, greener, more productive, safer, healthier, and inclusive cities.
  • City Changers raise awareness on positive actions that have demonstrated impacts on people’s lives in cities.

Community and City Level Campaigns

City Changers can come together to create community-level and city-level campaigns engaging the general public and demonstrating the value of attitudes and practices towards improving the livability of cities. Those city-level campaigns shall be able to convey to each and every citizen, young and elderly, male and female, that changes in consumption, technology use, life styles, and attitudes can dramatically improve our quality of life and impact the livability of cities in the future generations.

Use the City Changer slogan and brand to promote your efforts and campaigns for positive change!

Look at the City Changer Toolkit (PDF) for great ideas on how to launch your own City Changer campaign.

Bus with the I'm a City Changer logo on the side

The ‘I’m a City Changer’ slogan and logo may not be used for commercial purposes, for fundraising, or for any for-profit endeavors.  Rather, the slogan is for you as an individual to use in events that embody the spirit of the ‘City Changer’ campaign, raising the profile of your event and efforts in order to encourage other to participate and take action as well.

Graphic showing cities connected through City Changer logos

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