Joslyn Institute: Shades of Green Library

Joslyn Institute: Shades of Green Library

A dynamic reference library, The Nebraska Shades of Green Library, for sustainable community development has been established by the Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities, with the support of the Nebraska Environmental Trust. The library is intended to facilitate distribution of useful information for community leaders and citizens everywhere who may be searching for experience-based information to aid in community development.

The web-based resource assembles communications, applications and effectiveness of various projects, publications and initiatives of the Joslyn Institute over its 24-year history, as well as many other resources with the goals and objectives of conservation and sustainability programming in the future development of communities and regions.

Videos, white papers, newspaper and magazine articles, presentations, case-studies, and more are included in the library. One section of the library, Global Shades of Red, provides a counterpoint, with entries of a cautionary nature on global impacts of climate change, population growth and migration, and overuse of resources. 

Also included in the Shades of Green Library are three Nebraska Environmental Trust-funded projects and how they fit into the Joslyn Institute’s paradigm of Five Domains of Sustainability. This section has a link to a special page featuring 16 other Trust-funded projects evaluated by the Joslyn Institute to determine how they fit within the  Five Domains framework. 

The Joslyn Institute intends to continuously add projects and strategic information to the Shades of Green library, creating a dynamic and useful reference for all.

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