Polycom Development Project report: No one was left behind

Polycom Development Project report: No one was left behind

It is not every day that you meet urban grassroots women famously referred to as “Slum Women” at the United Nations. This has become a reality, thanks to Huairou Commission for creating space for these women to engage urban actors and stakeholders - the media, the local governments, the academia, youth and others - in discussing the City they Need under the World Urban Campaign. Led by Polycom Development Project, Wamama Tunauwezo 2 [Women have the Power] made sure that “No one was left behind”. School girls, older persons, the youth and women all dialogues over their safety priority steps on a common platform. The first Media Academy took place during this Wamama Tunauwezo 2, which brought together more than 10 media houses. They held a special session to discuss their role in engaging communities and sharing information about the World Urban Campaign and the Urban Thinkers campus. The participating journalists have all pledged to carry the Urban Thinkers messages to their work and stay in tune with the World Urban Campaign.

The outcomes of our UTC had clear structures of why and how women should be engaged in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. The community women once again led by Polycom Development Project have been engaged by the National New Urban Agenda implementation committee that brought together Huairou Commission member groups in Nairobi and other grassroots women groups to pursue joint policy priorities, especially pertaining to rural-urban links, housing and public space. The need to engage grassroots women have so far been embraced by several organizations that attended the Urban Thinkers Campus, most of which have also been invited to join the World Urban Campaign.

Polycom Development Project is a grassroots women and girls group, based in Kibera Slums but working with women from Mathare, Kiambiu and Mukuru. The Urban Thinkers Campus became a platform of participation in policy dialogues for all of the women. The Campus had improved their political and expert capacity and they are currently being engaged by their Sub Counties as experts in the implementation of the New Urban Agenda. Participants received copies of the NUA which they continue to use in lobbying the community to demand meaningful engaged during the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.


Article by Jane Anyango, Polycom Development Project
Photo credits: Polycom Development Project, UN-Habitat (CC)