PUSH: “MUV project and the most engaging mobility survey you have ever had”

PUSH: “MUV project and the most engaging mobility survey you have ever had”

PUSH and the whole MUV EU consortium are half-way through their Horizon journey (the project got funded by the European Commission in June 2017 and is developing methods and tools to foster sustainable mobility in the communities of many cities in the world). It’s time to spread the word and ask for some influential insights to evaluate which MUV characteristics are the best to keep on promoting sustainable mobility all around the globe. 

The lean approach (build-measure-learn) adopted in MUV to change citizens’ mobility habits is a never-ending process that will lead the project consortium toward perfection...or close! 

Most of the methods (co-design, co-creation, proximity marketing…) and some of the tools (see here the MUV mobile app) have been deployed and are aimed to change the mobility game in neighborhoods and cities.  
Now it's time to sharply prioritize next steps. As you cleverly understood this is a sensitive moment for the project and that’s why PUSH and the MUV Consortium need the wise help of those who know how much complex reaching this goal is. Those who are fighting every day for the sake of our future cities.
We need the help of high-skilled, good-looking mobility stakeholders. 

We basically need your help. 
MUV needs YOU. 
Here the form: it won't take long and, above of all, it won't be boring at all.  

Thanks a lot in advance from the MUV Team for your support! : ) 

If you want to know more about the project, join the MUVement or meet us somewhere around the world, we will be more than happy to meet you! 

Contact us at info@muv2020.eu or subscribe to the newsletter The Next Level to stay updated about the project activities. 

Article by Alessia Torre
Photo Credits: Mauro Filippi