Red Dot Foundation: Youth Innovation Challenge- Youth work on solving Women’s Issues

Red Dot Foundation: Youth Innovation Challenge- Youth work on solving Women’s Issues

The Youth Design Innovation Challenge is a derivative of the Urban Thinkers Campus seeking to involve future leaders of the city – the youth to play a part in solving gender equality issues due to rapid urbanization.

Here are three teams who are finalists at our Youth Innovation Challenge working on making cities better and safety for women. They present their innovation and share how the first experiential session has helped shape their ideas.

Team Safety Cups

We are Safety Cups- a team of three students from and living in Mumbai. While two of us are product design students with an inventive and process driven mind, our third wheel is a data-driven and hands-on developer. With our combined resources of critical thinking, systems design and software development we hope to bring our solution to the masses as soon as possible.

The topic of focus for us is “Safety for women in urban spaces”. We realized that in the event of an assault, perpetrators were not being held accountable for their actions due to legal, organizational and/or departmental reasons. Many times this is due to the inability of the police to identify and locate possible perpetrators given the lack of usable evidence which gets left behind or acquired.

Our product integrates a wearable device with existing mobile tracking technology to assist the police department in identifying possible perpetrators in the event of an assault. By this, the local authorities, in this case, the police will have a record of all the individuals present at that place and time, making the interrogation process incredibly efficient.

The last few months of the challenge have been extremely exciting. We have been constantly on-the-go organizing research, meeting with professionals and developing the product, apart from the busy everyday schedule of design school. Along with this, the two workshops with Safecity at Magic Bus Centre and Godrej-The Trees have been extremely helpful in growing our product across various dimensions.

  • Rehan Koreishi

MPower Forever

At MPower Forever, we create and implement curriculum addressing gender equality in order to influence mindset by empowering people of all genders to speak up about issues that concern them and to build gender inclusive communities. We also highlight trans equality in our curriculum to encourage people to be more supportive and accepting towards them.

For proper impact, we bring in sponsors and change-makers whose hearts our cause speaks to and who are passionate about creating enough changes in order to live in a world where people of all genders are treated equally.

We are fortunate to have been selected for the Youth Innovation Challenge. The reason why we applied for it is to achieve perfection to our idea before we vulnerably stand before the investors.

The first session helped us understand and analyse the kind of market space we’re exploring and create our business model.

So far, YIC has been able to add a lot of value to our journey. Firstly, they’ve been successful in building an ecosystem where all the teams are being supported by each other and have been learning from each other. Secondly, they helped us build accountability which is extremely essential for any organisation. Thirdly, the networking opportunities provided to us really helps us establish our market presence.

One major thing we truly experienced with the culture and the mentorship provided to us, is the openness and authenticity. It has not just provided us with a stimulating environment but has also enabled strategic partnerships.

  • Linda Vinod

Team HERliving

Single women have always faced discrimination when renting properties in India. Our team attempts to address this housing discrimination through HERliving, a user-friendly, accessible and easy-to-use online platform encompassing the tenancy needs of the single women. HERliving aims to connect women homeowners, large property owners and empty nesters with single women tenants, with an overarching goal to reduce stigma around women tenants. Our USPs are accountability, accessibility, and inclusivity. We will provide verification services for all the parties involved, thereby making the process transparent and hassle-free.

At the Magic Bus Centre, we worked on developing a business plan. Given the complex nature of our idea, we decided to break down the execution into various stages, allowing our main services to develop before introducing others. We also received feedback on our original idea and business plan, and further worked to incorporate this into our business plan. The session on marketing helped us narrow down our idea to a statement. Our vision statement has helped us stay focused while working on HERliving. We received a lot of help from the experiential session at the Magic Bus Centre. As we work on building our prototype, we have taken into consideration all the guidance that we received during the experiential session and from our assigned mentors.

  • Navya Sharan

We have a total of 11 finalists for the Youth Innovation Challenge working on the lines of gender, safety, urban design and planning. Check out our story next month where we will be sharing the ideas and experiences of three more teams. They will be presenting their final pitch in December.

Article by ElsaMarie D’Silva
Photo credits: Red Dot Foundation- Safecity (CC)