INSTITUTO TERROA: Engaging in Global dialogue for Sustainable Cities and Territories

How can climate change affect traditional communities in the Amazon? What is the role of education as a mechanism to combat social inequalities? How can artificial intelligence help ensure food security?... Read More

FUNDACION BOGOART: P for Peace and Youth participation

On June 6, 2019, at the Center for Memory, Peace and Reconciliation in Bogotá, the report "Policy Recommendations on Youth and Peace Issues" was presented... Read More

INSTITUTE FOR HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (IHS): Sustainable Urban Development - Where sustainability meets practice

Today more people live in cities than ever before. These increasingly complex cities need experts with combined skills in infrastructure, economic development, land and housing markets, sustainable planning and resilience to climate change, who can tackle emerging urban issues... Read More

CONSORTIUM FOR SUSTAINABLE URBANIZATION (CSU): CSU Participation at the 1st UN-Habitat Assembly

From 27 to 31 May 2019, UN-Habitat held its first historic session of the UN-Habitat Assembly in Nairobi Kenya under the theme “Innovation for Better Quality of Life in Cities and Communities”... Read More


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