Up for Slum Dwellers - Transforming a Billion Lives is a global initiative of the Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (PSUP) putting into action UN-Habitat's World Urban Campaign (WUC) - Read More


World Urban Campaign Partners at Habitat III PREPCOM3

The World Urban Campaign (WUC) is expected to show active participation in the upcoming Habitat III PrepCom3 Meeting. The third session of the Preparatory Committee of the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) will be held in Surabaya, Indonesia, from Monday, 25 July to Wednesday, 27 July 2016... Read More


Third Call for Urban Solutions

Following a first and second call for Urban solutions, the WUC Secretariat has received more than 150 proposals that have been reviewed by the WUC Working Group on The City We Need & Urban Solutions. They have been posted on line on the WUC website and constitute a rich base of initiatives, tools, models of interest to the implementation of the New Urban Agenda... Read More


Launching of the ''The City Youth Need'' Urban Campaign in Mogadishu, Somalia

At the core of the World Urban Campaign is an opportunity to build consensus on the principles that will define our cities in the future to come whether that be through emphasising the need for socially inclusive and engaging cities or by highlighting the need for cities to be collectively managed and democratically governed... Read More


Urban Dialogue on ''Urban Ecology & Environment'' held in Tehran

In 16 June 2016, the INUC’s first Urban Dialogue on “Urban Ecology & Environment” held in UN Common Premises in Tehran, Giving a description of The City Iranians Need (TCIN) based on people’s ideas in terms of “Urban Ecology & Environment” concepts, and discussing the obstacles towards TCIN, the Urban Ecology & Environment working group led the session... Read More


Fresh draft of New Urban Agenda is released ahead of key negociations

National governments have been negotiating on the document since May. The final agenda is set to be adopted at the Habitat III conference  this October in Quito, Ecuador. But before it can reach that milestone, negotiators will meet next week in Surabaya, Indonesia, for the conference’s third and final official preparatory meeting, also known as PrepCom 3... Read More


Be heard on the world stage in Quito, Ecuador

Next City is seeking proposals for programming to be held at the World Stage by Next City, a pavilion at the United Nations Habitat III Conference in Quito, Ecuador on October 16-23, 2016. This is your opportunity to address leaders from around the globe with your ideas about the future of cities... Read More


New Executive Director to lead Huairou Commission, the international coalition of grassroots women's organizations

The Huairou Commission Coordinating Council is pleased to announce that Maureen Friar has taken over the helm as Executive Director as of June 20, 2016... Read More


Climate Metropole+ by Metropolis

The third workshop of the Climate Metropole+ Metropolis initiative was held in Liverpool on 20-21 June 2016. Participants from Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Grand Lyon and representatives from the Circles of Climate and Berlin attended the workshop. The councillor Malcolm Kennedy from Liverpool City Council gave a welcoming speech and explained the origin of the city of Liverpool and the need to do more for cyclists and pedestrians... Read More


Gender-Just Cities and the New Urban Agenda

Madalena Duarte is a strong woman leader. She is also a waste picker in her hometown of Itaúna, Brazil – work she has been doing for many years to support her family. As a member of the National Waste Pickers Movement (or MNCR, its acronym in Portuguese) and the  Red Latinoamericana de Recicladores (Red Lacre), Duarte has been fighting to increase women’s representation and raise women’s voices so their particular needs are heard more clearly... Read More


Sights set on Southeast Asia

As the World Urban Campaign gears up for PrepCom 3 in Surabaya, Indonesia, IFHP too has its sights set on Southeast Asia, in terms of activities, outreach and community building, cozying up to distant cousins and forging new relationships. Here some specific fora for interaction with IFHP in Southeast Asia... Read More


Coming Soon

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#TheCityWeNeed Safer Cities Programme UN-Habitat


Ulrich Graute


Local authorities acting globally for sustainable development, Regional Studies. Member states adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 and aimed to adopt a New Urban Agenda during Habitat III in 2016. Related intergovernmental processes aim for a substantial benefit to impact... Read More

  • 24 Jul - World Urban Campaign: 15th Steering Committee Meeting, Surabaya/Indonesia. REGISTRATION OPEN
  • 25-27 Jul - Habitat III: Prepcom3, Surabaya/Indonesia. REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • 25 Aug - International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP): IFHP Lab: Stop calling it 'The sharing economy' - The airbnb impact in Copenhagen, Copenhagen/Denmark. PARTICIPATE
  • 10 Sep - International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP): IFHP Oslo Urban Lab, Copenhagen/Denmark. PARTICIPATE
  • 12-15 Sep - Associated Research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS): 15th World Conference of Acuus 2016, Saint Petersburg/Russia. PARTICIPATE
  • 12-16 Sep - ISOCARP: 52nd ISOCARP Congress, Durban/South Africa. PARTICIPATE
  • 5-7 Oct - AIVP: 15th World Conference Cities and Ports "Crossovers", Rotterdam/Netherlands. PARTICIPATE
  • 12-15 Oct: UCLG: 5th UCLG Congress - World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders, Bogota/Colombia. PARTICIPATE
  • 14 Oct: World Urban Campaign: 16th Steering Committee Meeting (SCM16), Quito/Ecuador. REGISTRATION OPEN
  • 17-20 Oct - Habitat III: HABITAT III Conference, Quito/Ecuador. PARTICIPATE
  • 10-11 Nov - International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP): IFHP Summit 2016, Rotterdam/The Netherlands. PARTICIPATE

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Solid Ground Campaign

Solid Ground, the Habitat for Humanity global advocacy campaign, was created to adress the fundamental issue of access to land for shelter. Learn more on the Solid Ground website.

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