DOPPELMAYR SEILBAHNEN GMBH: Cable Cars are reliable and have a high transport capacity

One cable car can transport 11,000 passengers per hour (5,500 in each direction). For that, 2,200 cars or 110 buses would be needed otherwise. The transport capacity of cable cars is unbeatable... Read More

7 Billion Urbanists: A profound paradigm shift to transform territories with civil societies

Our civilization is facing unprecedented human and environmental challenges. Our way of life in the world, from villages to metropolises, must evolve. The best way to succeed is to do it in a progressive and shared way, by multiplying inspiring projects... Read More

EUTROPIAN: Who profits from Heritage?

Informed cities is a series of international events on urban governance, renowned as a space for open exchange and learning. The 7th Informed Cities Forum will be taking place in Warsaw on October 15 & 16th, and we’d like to invite you to join more than 100 urban thinkers and practitioners from across Europe to focus on urban regeneration processes... Read More

INSTITUTO TERROA:Innovative Social Technology to assess product chain maturity launched in Brazil

On 22 April, Terroa and  Imaflora conducted the application of an innovative maturity scale for socio-biodiversity product chains in the Bailique Archipelago, located in the northern region of Brazil. More than 30 participants from local agro-extractive cooperatives and producers associations carried out a thorough evaluation of the açaí production chain... Read More

METROPOLIS: Fillings the GAP of International databases on Metropolitan Areas

Public officials came together with academic experts yesterday in Barcelona for the official unveiling of the metropolitan indicators, the backbone of the Metropolis Observator. Resulting from a pioneering comparative research on 69 Metropolis members, the 38 metropolitan indicators unleash new empirical insights, comparable across jurisdictions, about metropolitan realities across the world... Read More

RED DOT FOUNDATION & SAFECITY:Youth Innovation Challenge 2019

Red Dot Foundation (Safecity) has been approved to host its second UN Habitat’s Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC). Scheduled for the 21st and 22nd of October 2019, the theme of the Urban Thinkers Campus this year is Safe Public Spaces with special focus on gender and climate resilience... Read More

Photo Credits: 7 Billion Urbanists (CC), Instituto Terroa (CC), Metropolis (CC), Red Dot Foundation & Safecity (CC)