WORLD URBAN CAMPAIGN: 58 Urban Thinkers Campus will be held in 2019!

The World Urban Campaign Secretariat is so excited to announce that, 2019 is a productive and lively year for the partners of the World Urban Campaign and the community of Urban Thinkers! ... Read More

DOPPELMAYR: DOPPELMAYR/GARAVENTA completes the World's biggest Urban ropeway network La Paz and El Alto celebrate their tenth ropeway line

The tenth line belonging to the world’s biggest urban ropeway network is now in service. The Línea Plateada (silver line) is the last to be opened as part of the biggest ropeway contract in Doppelmayr/Garaventa’s company history... Read More

JOSLYN INSTITUTE: The Sustainabilty of Small and Mid-Size Cities

Following our foundational Urban Thinkers Campus conference focusing on small and mid-size cities in preparation for Habitat III, the Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities has been working to establish a consortium... Read More

IAU Ile-de-France: Urban agriculture at the heart of urban projects: diversity of forms and functions

Today, urban agriculture is present in all urban planning projects in core urban areas. However, it remains a changing, multifaceted and multifunctional reality that raises as many questions as it arouses interest... Read More

ICLEI: How industrial legacy cities are advancing sustainable mobility transitions through green fleet management

Industrial legacy cities often have a history of quick population growth, urban sprawl and single-purpose urban planning... Read More


Where the design community is working together to leverage design as vehicle for the implementation of the New Urban Agenda along with the overarching UN Sustainable Development Goals... Read More

METROPOLIS: The Policy transfer platform becomes USE

Under the new name of use (urban sustainability exchange), the platform was presented to the public by the Governing Majoy of Berlin and President of Metropolis... Read More

ACUUS: ACCUS-GEO supporting the WUC in 2019

From the perspective of humankind building development history, the 19th century was marked by bridge building and its development, and the 20th century was dominated by highrise building and its development... Read More


Bright lights are sometimes easiest to see when they appear amid extreme, almost impenetrable dimness. As Princeton School of Architecture dean... Read More

FUNDACION BOGOTART: Colombia to pioneer a National Action Plan on Youth, Peace and Security

Let us say enough to the misconception that allowed the skills of young people in building and supporting peace to be undervalued and misunderstood... Read More

GLOBAL TASKFORCE OF LOCAL AND REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS: Consolidating the Local-Global movement to enhance the implementation of the 2030 Agenda

The localization of the 2030 Agenda calls for the involvement of all stakeholders... Read More

PUSH: MUV Project and the most engaging mobility survey you have ever had

Most of the methods (co-design, co-creation, proximity marketing…) and some of the tools (see here the MUV mobile app) have been deployed... Read More

WIEGO: Liberia's Street Vendors Pioneer New Approach with City Officiels

For years, the situation in Liberia’s capital city of Monrovia was no different. Until, that is, street vendors in the city organized... Read More

Photo Credits: ACUUS (CC), Antoine Lagneau (CC), Doppelmayr (CC), Global Taskforce (CC), Joslyn Institute (CC), ICLEI (CC), Mauro Filippi (CC), Metropolis (CC), Samuel Lahoz (CC), Laure de Biaisi (CC), Geoffroy Mathieu (CC), Sarah Orleans Reed (CC)