Up for Slum Dwellers - Transforming a Billion Lives is a global initiative of the Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (PSUP) putting into action UN-Habitat's World Urban Campaign (WUC) - Read More


#UrbanThinkers Solutions @HabitatIII

When the World Urban Campaign partners started to envision the Habitat III Conference as a new opportunity to elaborate the content of a new urban paradigm for the 21st century, they had in mind a set of principles and drivers of change in order to define the ingredients of the paradigm shift for cities. They also started to put forward a set of urban implementable and tangible urban solutionsRead More


HIII Side Event: Implementing the New Urban Agenda - The Role of Urban Thinkers Campuses and The City We Need

The World Urban Campaign, one of the largest global advocacy platforms for cities, has been instrumental in mobilizing Urban Thinkers and elaborating a new urban paradigm towards Habitat III. Together, they have produced The City We Need, a ground-breaking manifesto... Read More


Arcadis and the World Urban Campaign announce the continuation of their Strategic Partnership for a Better Urban Future

Since 2014, Arcadis and UN-Habitat’s World Urban Campaign (WUC) have been strategic partners, working together for a better urban future. Following the successful collaboration in the past 2 years, the leading global design & consultancy firm for natural and built assists and UN-Habitat’s partnerships and advocacy platform WUC have now announced the continuation of their cooperation... Read More


Doppelmayr Side Event at the Habitat III Conference in Quito

Cities are continually growing and expanding, and information is traveling as fast as ever. With advantages in flexibility, adaptability, and cost, cable transit solutions can dive into the urban market, complementing existing and creating new public transportation networks. Working at every level, cable transit has the unique ability... Read More


UN-Habitat Iran and National Land & Housing Organization jointly publishes "The City Iranians Needs"

Iran’s National Urban Campaign (INUC) one-year activity resulted in The City Iranians Need(TCIN) booklet. TCIN is a vision prepared through a voluntarily contribution of more than 1000 citizens from 48 cities... Read More


So, what's new in the final draft New Urban Agenda

For the past four months, activists, lobbyists, local governments and national governments have been jockeying for position around a major new U. N. strategy on sustainable urbanization. After four iterations, the final draft of that document, known as the New Urban Agenda... Read More


Urban Resilience: People approach

Half of humanity nowadays lives in cities. Cities in developing countries are growing most rapidly. Nearly one billion people live in slums, including internal displaced people and refugees. Changing hazard patterns in combination with the conditions in slums, like poor infrastructure, high poverty rates, complex social structures increase disaster risk in slum areas... Read More


Towards a Global Network of Metropolitan and Territorial Planning Agencies

As Metropolitan and territorial planning agencies (MTPA), and National or Regional networks of Metropolitan and territorial planning agencies - public or non-profit organizations preparing metropolitan policies and strategies and monitoring metropolitan and territorial developments. They are the memory, the database, the mappers, the think tanks, the permanent urban labs and the vision providers of cities... Read More


Urban transport Challenges in Europe in the context of the Financial Crisis

Faced with the ever-increasing mobility needs of their local populations, European capitals are looking at financing options that will enable them to develop their transport services. The need to manage budget cuts and develop adequate services at reduced cost has led to the emergence of varying strategies... Read More


ICLEI - The New Urban Agenda: An opportunity for Cities and Nations

From Seberang Perai, Malaysia to Seoul, South Korea, sustainable cities have unique assets. They are home to visionary leaders, skilled staff and active members of civil society – each an equal driver in defining and achieving local sustainability goals. They are also major political and economic centers with the potential to foster innovation and creative solutions... Read More


SDSN Youth @Quito

The bi-decennial UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III) is on the way!  It will lead to an action-oriented document - the New Urban Agenda - to guide the world in making our cities a better place to live in.As an once-in-a-youth-time opportunity, the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Youth (SDSN Youth) is pound to send a delegation, led by Dan Koon-hong Chan... Read More


WIEGO Events - Habitat III Conference

WUC Lead Partner "WIEGO" will be at the Habitat III Conference in Quito this October. Find a list of their events here.


World Vision Events - Habitat III Conference

  • Children and Youth Assembly
  • Networking Event: Partnerships for Collective action to contribute to just and inclusive cities for children
  • Stakeholder Roundtable: Children and Youth Roundtable Read More


Study Release: Tapping into the Co-benefits of low-emission economy in cities

Priorities of municipalities and local communities from Germany and Poland often converge to achieving – or maintaining – economic prosperity, as well as ensuring a good quality of life for all, including efficient infrastructures and a clean environment. A transition to a low-emission economy is a vision that can deliver social, economic and environmental benefits for local communities... Read More


CNJUR International Activities towards Habitat III

  • CNJUR Round Table: Legal Implementation of the Right of the City in Latin America
  • Training Event: Cities for all: Urban Planning Law and Constitutional Defense
  • Side Event: Access to Justice and Legal Empowerment: The use of Law to Encourage an Effective Access to Habitat Read More


Communitas Events at Habitat III

The Communitas Coalition is co-organizing a number events related to integrated territorial development. Read more


The City We Need is affordable

The world is undergoing an unprecedented wave of urban growth. In 30 years the global urban population will double. Affordable housing, efficient transportation and respect for the environment are essential for a vibrant city. FIABCI has brought together the real estate industry’s major stakeholders to share innovative solutions to meet the increasing demand for affordable housing... Read More


FIDIC - Habitat III Conference

The demand for a structured process for urban sustainability management is growing rapidly all over the world. Sustainable management of cities and regions with a holistic and integrated approach is important for all leaders, mayors and governments. It is a vital challenge to formulate and define the right indicators and planning process to govern your regions development and be able to for fill the goals... Read More


Come and join IFHP at HIII

  • Networking Event: A New Role for the Private Sector: Integral to Implementation of the New Urban Agenda
  • Habitat III Village
  • Habitat III Exhibition Read More


Instituto Terroa and its programme ''Co-Labora'' provide advicosy and qualification services to recycling cooperative in Sertaozinho, Brazil

Instituto Terroá’s “Co-Labora” is a programme that aims at providing business incubation, training, facilitation, consultancy and advisory services supporting the building of a new economy – sustainable, thriving, inclusive and humanized... Read More


Financing and Implementing the Global Goals in Human Settlements and City-Regions by 2030

The Ecological Sequestration Trust UK Charity was created in 2011 to champion new, effective open-source, free-to-use tools for communities, for mobilizing local capacity for innovation rooted in local cultural history, and for linking communities to risk assessed finance. Through partner International Centre for Earth Simulation Foundation we are able to help these communities manage risks and adapt to earth system changes... Read More


Social Production of Habitat Platform: Promoting successful supportive Policies for Community-Led Habitat around the World - A Side Event organized at HabitatIII

Despite their potential in providing solutions for affordable housing and contributing to sustainable urban development, community-led housing (federated saving groups, housing cooperatives, cohousing, community land trusts, ‘habitat groupé’, …) lacks sufficient attention, public recognition and support... Read More


#TheCityWeNeed #UrbanThinkers Voices

Thomas Pichler / Dopplemayr


Mee Kam NG: ''People-Making and Place-Making Urbanism''

Over two centuries of carbon-intensive and market-oriented urban developments have led to widespread environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, socio-economic polarization and unhuman relationships amidst affluence, technological advancement and information deluge... Read More

  • 15-16 Oct: World Urban Campaign: 16th Steering Committee Meeting (SCM16), Quito/Ecuador. REGISTRATION OPEN
  • 17-20 Oct - Habitat III: HABITAT III Conference, Quito/Ecuador. PARTICIPATE
  • 10-11 Nov - International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP): IFHP Summit 2016, Rotterdam/The Netherlands. PARTICIPATE

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