Urban Solutions


Urban Solutions

URBAN SOLUTIONS are initiatives, practices, policies, legislations and models that address urban challenges and constitute effective responses to The City We Need. They are articulated around ten drivers of changes: ''Governance and Partnerships'', ''Planning and Design'', ''Finance'', ''Land, Housing and Services'', ''Environment'', ''Health and Safety'', ''Economy and Livelihoods'', ''Education'', ''Technology'' and ''Monitoring and Evaluation''.


The list below is a selection of Urban Solutions submitted by WUC partners and their affiliates. Urban Solutions illustrate how the drivers of change can be implemented, either locally or in multiple contexts. Most of them have already been applied, some tested only.


Driver 2: Planning and Design

Urban planning and design are cornerstones of The City We Need, and should help realize the principles for the city we need through spatial visioning and strategic planning supported by policies, tools, institutional and participatory mechanisms and regulatory procedures. The City We Need incorporates a participatory and deliberative process that mainstreams the gender perspective, and the needs and interests of different age groups and people with different impairments.

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