Urban Solutions


Urban Solutions

URBAN SOLUTIONS are initiatives, practices, policies, legislations and models that address urban challenges and constitute effective responses to The City We Need. They are articulated around ten drivers of changes: ''Governance and Partnerships'', ''Planning and Design'', ''Finance'', ''Land, Housing and Services'', ''Environment'', ''Health and Safety'', ''Economy and Livelihoods'', ''Education'', ''Technology'' and ''Monitoring and Evaluation''.


The list below is a selection of Urban Solutions submitted by WUC partners and their affiliates. Urban Solutions illustrate how the drivers of change can be implemented, either locally or in multiple contexts. Most of them have already been applied, some tested only.


Driver 9: Technology

New technologies are more than just devices or applications. New technologies for the City We Need come from the collective intelligence of societies. Top-down or supply-driven approaches to the “smart city” and the use of technologies will not result in the ownership and buy-in required for making lasting changes. The basis for use of technologies to improve living conditions and quality of life lies in proper identification of what people need and people’s involvement in the change process. Innovations make cities smarter not because they are “smarter” but because they are tap into the creativity of communities.

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