URBANET - News and Debates on Municipal and Local Governance, Sustainable Urban Development and Decentralisation

URBANET - News and Debates on Municipal and Local Governance, Sustainable Urban Development and Decentralisation

Did you know that over 258 million people worldwide left their homes in 2017, either voluntarily or due to forced circumstances? With the recently adopted Global Compact for Migration, URBANET puts its monthly spotlight in December on the topic of migration. Christopher Dekki contributes an inspiring plea for the positive power of migration and its importance for urban areas, while at the same time emphasising the role that cities and communities have to play in these dynamics. Daniel Kerber from “More than Shelters” spoke to URBANET about his unique refugee camp projects in Jordan, Syria, Greece, and Berlin, which try to meet the additional social and spatial needs of people who are staying there long-term.

From 3-14 December 2018, heads of states and climate activists came together in Katowice, Poland at COP24. Lou del Bello gives us an impression of the role local governments play at COP24. Furthermore, she spoke to Sheela Patel from SPARC India, about how climate change affects people in informal settlements the most—and about strategies to address their special needs. Check out URBANET’s coverage on COP24 with a special focus on the local level!

Leading up to UNFCCC’s COP24, we featured a special series on the Talanoa Dialogue during the year to showcase subnational actors’ involvement and their role in NDC processes. Amy Davison from the city of Cape Town, South Africa, closes our series with a call for radical transformation in local climate governance.

In our November spotlight, URBANET authors paint a colourful picture of what a more peaceful future for all urban residents could look like. In their articles, they advocate for a new notion of streets, test innovative approaches to inclusive urban development, and explore what it means to foster non-violent co-existence in ethnically divided cities. In light of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, Cathy McIlwaine dedicates an article to the pressing issue of gender-based violence in cities.

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Article by Johanna Pohl, Marie-Sophie Schwarz
Photo credits: flickr.com/ UNclimatechange (CC)