UTC 2018 in Peru

UTC 2018 in Peru

During 2018, FEMUM ALC (Federation of Women&Municipalities of LAC) was developing the UrbanThinkersCampus in Perú. Our latino-networks FEMUM ALC in alliance with MIRA México, sponsored by our global net Huairou Commission, continuing the efforts to contributing with implementation of NUA, based in our UTC Binational (Peru-México) started in 2016.

The UTC 2018 in Peru had two priorities: Safety and Resilient communities. FEMUM ALC with the support of NGOs and grassroots women network, as local allies, developed different activities (meeting and workshop), to share the challenges of NUA, mixing with Sendai platform, Safer-Cities campaign and SDG11.  Peru, especially the communities of peri-urban areas, is confronting a high risk of urban violence, including femicide, child abuse, sexual harassment, youth violence, etc.  In Peru, the femicide has increased by 26% this year (more than 150 victims until November), and the most cases occur in poor urban neighborhoods of  Lima city. For other hand, the city of Lima is located in the coast of Pacific Ocean, and it’s part of the “Ring of Fire”, the major area of  Pacific Ocean where many earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur. This metropoli area is the city is on permanent alert due to the possibility of a large-scale earthquake ( 8.5 Richter scale). But the poor families who are living in the precarious conditions, are not prepared.

These months we are working and coordinating with social leaders, experts, politicians, candidates, private sector to organize the UTC activities in Lima. From July to November FEMUM ALC has organized six (6) training workshops with the construction business corporation UNICON, with networks of grassroot women leaders as Groots-Perú and “Popular Kitchen” of San Juan de Lurigancho district, and with CESAL NGO to the social leaders of Cajamarquilla community ( Chosica district). Also others work meetings with politicians and expert as the “Group of Lima”, EQUIDAD NGO, etc.    The singularity of this 2018, is that it has been a year of municipal elections, so the UTC was a wonderful opportunity to debate around the urban agenda, the challenges to face the disasters and insecurity  to the next years.

Article by Olenka Ochoa 

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  1. ..FEMUM ALC-CESAL workshop in Cajamarquilla-Lima
  2. ..FEMUM ALC-UNICON worshop -Lima
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