UTC DHAKA 2017: Innovation, Identity and Designing of Intermediate Cities for The City We Need.

UTC DHAKA 2017: Innovation, Identity and Designing of Intermediate Cities for The City We Need.

Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh (current population 1.6 billion), one of the mega cities in the world, is facing major challenges in urban environment, city infrastructure, urban space quality, urban and local governance and management sectors. It is understood that developing the intermediate cities is the future for the Mega Cities. In order to address the practical issues of development and management of intermediate cities and in hope to develop a solution from national and international stakeholders, a three day campus, UTC DHAKA 2017 is jointly organized by International Union of Architects (UIA) –Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) and hosted by IAB.

UTC Dhaka 2017 is designed as a three-day event scheduled from 9-11 November 2017. Inauguration and registration on day one, round table in parallel sessions, base plan workshop on day two and on site Urban Lab and Dhaka Declaration on day three.

Four Round tables are designed to take place in two parallel sessions. Speakers in each session would discuss Real Issues and Real Solutions for designing, regeneration and success of Intermediate Cities. The session themes are as follows:

  • Good Governance & Capacity Building
  • Climate, Resilience & infrastructure
  • Compact development, Urban-Rural Linkage
  • Place making and Sense of Identity

A workshop to develop town planning will be moderated by an international expert and will engage multi-stakeholders participation.

Urban Labs at two intermediate cities located at close proximity to the capital is an imporant part of this campus. Half day on site lab at Narayangonj (population approx. 0.7 million, distance 17 km) and Narsingdi (population approx 1.9 million, 61 km), will engage multi-stakeholders to generate new policies for the implementations for the goals of the New Urban Agenda. 

The projected outcomes of the event includer policies for Dhaka Declaration 2017, the action plan for the implementation of the goals of New Urban Agenda, commitments and resolutions from all stakeholders to developing and manage small towns in environmentally responsible ways.


Article by International Union Of Architects (UIA)
Photo Credits:  Othebo - pixabay.com (CC)