World Urban Campaign Nairobi Events: A New Push to Action during GC26

World Urban Campaign Nairobi Events: A New Push to Action during GC26

Seven months after the Habitat III Conference, the UN-Habitat 26th Governing Council Session has been a key moment for the WUC Partners to gather in Nairobi. Several events marked that strategic week, bringing together the Steering Committee and Working Group members, with a large number of new partners discovering the Nairobi-based global campaign at UN-Habitat.

The first moment has been an enjoyable and efficient brainstorming around four working groups on 5 May dealing with urban solutions,  implementation and financing, communication and mobilization, as well as monitoring and indicators.

This first one-day event was meant to provide the key ingredients for decisions to be made at the Steering Committee meeting on 6 May. Commitments and actions have been brought to the table before clear joint decisions were made on the WUC global road map meant to capitalize from the successful Urban Thinkers Campuses process and geared towards the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.

Rose Molokoane reiterated the call for action made at Quito and reaffirmed the World Urban Campaign as an action-oriented platform driven by non-governmental partners. In the framework of the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, she emphasized the importance of gathering the collective intelligence of urban thinkers to mobilize, advocate and implement together through operational platforms, using the Urban Thinkers Campuses process that will engage at least 20,000 people in 2017.

On 8 May, the World Urban Campaign held a strategic side event on "Implementing the New Urban Agenda Through Urban Thinkers Campuses" at the start of the Governing Council meeting.  With a full room, and the presence of representatives from member states such as Malaysia and Zambia, UN-Habitat Deputy Executive Director Dr. Aisa Kirabo Kacyira called upon the partners of the Campaign to gather for action: ‘It is time to capitalize on your networks and the collaborations you have established in the last since years since the birth of the World Urban Campaign’ she said, reminding that ‘the Campaign is a key platform for UN-Habitat and it is clearly embedded in our Strategic Plan. We can deliver with you as urban thinkers and implementers because you have the knowledge, expertise, network, intimate knowledge of the reality on ground’. 

Article by Christine Auclair, Project Leader, World Urban Campaign
Photo Credits: World Urban Campaign (CC)