World Urban Campaign - WUC Steering Committee Meeting

World Urban Campaign - WUC Steering Committee Meeting

On 30th and 31st May 2019, the Steering Committee of the World Urban Campaign (WUC) convened for its 21st meeting (SCM21) in Kenya. The meetings were held in conjunction with the first UN-Habitat Assembly, which took place in Nairobi from 27-31 May.

The objectives of the meeting were; to discuss World Urban Campaign activities, agree on the new election of Chair/Co-Chair of World Urban Campaign, receive inputs from WUC to the UN-Habitat Strategic Plan 2020-25 and Stakeholders Collaborative Framework and Outline a workplan with a roadmap for milestones achievements.

On the 1st day, Mr. Doudou Mbye, presented the UN-Habitat Strategic Plan 2020-2023 and pointed out that the plan will be adopted in 2020. He continued with a detailed explanation of UN-Habitat domains of change and the need for WUC to align whatever it does to them. Mrs. Lucia Kiwala, presented the UN-Habitat Stakeholders Advisory Group. She discussed the stakeholders’ engagement goals at global, regional, national and local levels. She also explained the Stakeholders engagement policy supports in the Implementation of UN-Habitat’s strategic plan and partnership strategy, in a framework for engagement of and consultations with stakeholders who are impacted by UN-Habitat policies.

Mr. Roi Chiti, then presented, the WUC Secretariat activity report to the Steering Committee. He discussed the overview of the Website activities and concluded with UTC Analysis. Ms. Christine Musisi (Director External Relations Division – UN-Habitat) spoke on the 2nd day. She spoke on behalf of the Executive Director.  She addressed the need for localizing the New Urban Agenda and investing in urban equality for all ministries and villages. The 2nd day mainly comprised of discussions on campaigns and elections.

The outcomes of the meeting included; the need to support the campaign on waste wise cities, resilient cities and on affordable housing, SDGs and informal housing, more civic engagement and Youth, Geographic and Topical Outreach and rethinking of new WUC Tools of engagement. It was then agreed that the next World Urban Campaign Steering Committee will be in Vancouver during the Ecocity World Summit, and the new elections at the WUF10.

The UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign Secretariat