WUF9 Side Event: PUSH - Design Sprint for Urban Innovation

WUF9 Side Event: PUSH - Design Sprint for Urban Innovation

World Urban Campaign (WUC) partner and design lab for social innovation PUSH will be hosting an event at World Urban Forum 9 (WUF9) on February 12 from 11am- 2pm in Room 403 at the WUF9 venue in Kuala Lampur.

What if we applied the user-centered design methodology to face the most pressing social challenges at urban scale trying to shape better cities by designing with and for people? This is, more or less, the question that accompanied the birth of our design lab for social innovation in 2013. PUSH was founded by a group of friends who decided to go back to Palermo after spending several years studying and working abroad. These young people wanted to live in our city to contribute to its growth and to try addressing its most serious problems. But, at the same time, they aspired to be part of the international debate on the future of cities and to export what they had successfully tested at home in other urban contexts. That’s why PUSH joined the World Urban Campaign.

From 2015, PUSH organized two Urban Thinkers Campuses in Palermo, engaging thousands of citizens and hosting many international speakers, but also linking in both cases the conference with an international training program named "Intensive School", designed with the purpose of training designers able to adopt a citizen-centered and environment-focused approach to devise services with a high social impact. In the last few years, PUSH perfected the teaching methodology working with several universities and companies and always developing new tools and case studies based on their research projects.

Design Sprint for Urban Innovation, the training event that PUSH will organize during the World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur, arises from the need to constantly experiment something fresh and novel. It is inspired by the “Design Sprint” process, developed by Google Ventures, and aims to trigger creativity and find doable solutions to tackle complex problems. In a super short amount of time (just 3 hours) and through four simple steps, participants will design a service able to face a specific urban challenge. It will definitely be an original and (we hope) an enjoyable experience.

All partners and attendees are warmly encouraged to attend the event!

For more information on the event and how to register for it, visit: http://wuf9.org/programme/side-events/

Author: PUSH(cc).
Photo credits:PUSH(cc).