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  • The Cairo Urban Campaign is a coordinated effort to raise awareness and mobilize partners for action towards sustainable urban development towards the World Urban Forum 12.

  • The World Urban Forum 12 will be a global event on urbanization on the theme of Localization for action for a better urban future (TBD) to be held in Cairo, Egypt, from 4 to 8 November 2024.

  • Under the World Urban Campaign of UN-Habitat, the Cairo Urban Campaign will inspire, engage, and empower urban stakeholders to dialogue towards the World Urban Forum to make it a meaningful event for Cairo and Egypt and raise awareness about sustainable urbanization.

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A conversation on people, heritage, resilience, inclusion, well-being and housing.

Population and urbanization

Towards a New Capital City

- Urban heritage preservation

- Urban regeneration

Water systems

Food systems


Youth in the city

Older people in the cities

Healthy Cairo

Sport in the city

- Addressing the housing crisis

- Housing design

- Decarbonize housing

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Sporting Events

Organise sporting events such as bike tours, marathons, or sporting competitions, which can focus on any aspect of a city, such as health, environment, etc.


Urban Thinkers Campus 9.0 

Urban Thinkers Campuses (UTCs), session to discuss and showcase solutions in your countries that can inspire other countries around the world. UTCs are coordinated by the World Urban Campaign for promotion through WUC communication channels.


Social Events

Events can mobilize local artists who know the pulse of cities and use their skills and reach to promote positive citizenship and pride.

Exibition & Concerts

Exhibitions can showcase various projects, innovations, ideas, or even challenges or competitions, relating to urban issues. Concerts can bring communities together around shared interests and provide safe entertainment while increasing interest and pride in cities.

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