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Center for Climate and Urban Resilience, the University of 17 Agustus 1945 Surabaya


“Unconsciously we live in public spaces, our private space is only the toilet, even the toilet is public space" D.S

Geographical scope: 


Climate Actions:

David has been empowering communities so that they can undertake direct actions to manage their environment, so as to be more resilient to face climate challenges.

David has been strategic in the development and delivery of seven public spaces in low-income communities and in environmentally sensitive areas. David work has been strategic in sensitising local governments in understanding and valorising their assets, as well as considering the relationship between assets and land values, to tackle climate adaptation. One example of David's impact is his recent work with the US Embassy in Indonesia aiming to preserve the food culture and provide bigger awareness about the links between food production, food consumptions, and the environment.


David has been a bridge between communities and government, championing community needs and facilitating the development of innovative community-based projects. He has been innovative in his work linking bottom-up community projects, government, university researchers and students, and international organisations. David has been able to not only identify community needs but also identify strategies to address them, especially in terms of organising funding and support for projects in innovative ways.


​David's work has facilitated direct benefits to a number of communities interested by his work on public spaces, improving their wellbeing. David has also been strategic in working with governments to improve their practices in terms of public assets delivery and management. David has facilitated a paradigm shift in the Asia Pacific region aimed to see public spaces and urban facilities as strategic social and environmental assets.

City Changer's Videos: 

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