Faith Based Engagement and Implementation of the New Urban Agenda


Faith Based Engagement and Implementation of the New Urban Agenda

13 Nov 2017 to 15 Nov 2017
, Singapore

1.Event Title: Faith-Based Engagement With the New Urban Agenda

2. WUC Partner Organization Hosting the Campus: World Evangelical Alliance (WEA)
3.Other Partner Organization(s) Co-Hosting the Campus:
  • Urban Shalom Project
  • Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC)
  • Micah Global
  • Interntional Society for Urban Mission (ISUM)
3.Other Partner Organization(s) Co-Hosting the Campus: 
  • Singapore Center for Global Missions (SCGM)
4. UTC Date: Monday, 13 September to Wednesday, 15 September 2017
5. Location / Venue: Village Hotel Changi, 1 Netheravon Rd, Singapore 508502
6. Language: English
7. Sustainable Developement Goals addressed by this UTC: 


8. Description of the Campus 

Religious communities are key stakeholders in the world’s urban future, however, religious communities and organizations--which have a longstanding historical concern, in-depth involvement, and comprehensive understanding of urban contexts--lag in their understanding of the significance of the New Urban Agenda (NUA) for the global common good. The purpose of the Faith-Based Urban Thinkers Campus is to help religions and faith-based organizations understand and engage with the NUA from faith-based perspectives, and where there is common ground to develop religion-specific priorities, strategies, and practical action plans by which each religious community represented can contribute to supporting NUA issues. This Thinkers Campus is an opportunity for mutual exchange, listening, and learning so a long-term partnership can be developed between UN-Habitat and religious communities.
9. UTC Programme: UTC Programme
10. List of Speakers / Moderators: 
  • Rt Revd Rennis Ponniah, Anglican Bishop of Singapore 
  • Mr. Gregory Vijayendran, President of Singapore Law Society and Chairman of GCF's Lawyers Christian Fellowship.
  • Dr. Mary Nelson 
  • Ms. Eunice Im
  • Dr. Grace Dryness
  • Ms. Robynne Jeisman
  • Mr. Lawrence Ko
  • Mr. Michael Mata
  • Dr. Chris Elisara 
  • Dr. Ash Barker 
  • Dr. Bryan McCabe
  • Dr. David Boan 
  • Mr. Tim Costello
11. Contact:
  • Dr. Chris Elisara, Director World Evangelical Alliance-Creation Care Task Force. USA