Ville saine, ville heureuse sous les tropiques - La Ville qu’on aime


Ville saine, ville heureuse sous les tropiques - La Ville qu’on aime

4 Nov 2019 to 5 Nov 2019
Saint Denis
, France
1. Title of the Campus: Ville saine, ville heureuse sous les tropiques -  La Ville qu’on aime
2. Lead Partner Organization: ENSAM School of Architecture of Reunion Island
3. Other Partner Organizations: 
4. UTC Date: 4th& 5thNovember, 2019 
5. Location / Venue:  
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Montpellier
antenne de la réunion / BP 306
97827 Le Port Cedex
6. Language: French
7. Description of the Campus: 
The proposed Urban Thinkers Campus (UTC) will happen in Le Port which is one of the expanding tropical cities in Reunion Island.
Our Urban thinkers Campus is following the topics of UN Habitat UTC about “the city we need” in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
Our research began after being granted by AFRAN in 2018, with Griffith University, and focus on a healthy and happy city, as a response to major social issues as to emphasis on wellness in town. The city should be a welcoming place, for everyone, old, young, rich, poor. The topic, through this question is to think about requalification of urban space, through our research and to define priorities and means of actions for the happy city of tomorrow.
Our joint research between Griffith& ENSAM is about healthy and happy city in tropical environment, with a focus on which best practice can be developed, in cities in a tropical environment, to ensure wellness and happiness in town. ENSAM will organize and lead an urban thinker campus, in November 2019, about this topic, and emphasing on tropical environment, as we know that this climate is home to more than 40% of the world population. The challenges of this tropical zone is in one hand, the fragility of the territories affected in the first place by the changes of our planet, and on the other hand, the expectations of the population for a healthy and happy city.
The Workshop will be a critical moment between urban researchers, civil society actors, professionals and urban space planners. These questions will be explored through public participation in the upcoming UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign that we are presenting.
The goals are both local and global.Global as they concerned the population located between the cancer and capricorn tropics, with physical, social and economic specificities adapted to each territory. Local as the research will focus on each territory, following the work that has been done during February 2019 in Griffith Gold Coast University. In each country, the workshop is held with civil society actors, professionals, urban space planners and citizens.
The approach is bottom-up, because the topic HHCTE can only exist if the ideas are shared with the inhabitants of the city. Through this research, and the different workshops, we shall collect various point of view.
The specific objectives of our events are:
  • Bring a wide range of key stakeholders together, including decision makers, policy makers, academics, community and associations in general, also urban planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and transport.
  • Discuss potential future approaches and opportunities to empower citizens to help achieve the City We Need.
  • Implement an innovative approach to community consultation through the use of participative workshops.

We shall focus on 3 main targets :

  • Our actions points are in relation with Sustainable development Goals, mainly linked to Sustainable Cities and Communities (Goal 11) and Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure (Goal 9)
  • Our objective is to bring people together to discuss
  • UTC will come up with action plans and ways to implement these actions

The aim of our Urban Lab is to develop a toolbox, so the largest number of civil society actors can gather information, ideas and exchange about their city projects. This UTC will make tangible the simple and emerging ideas of the City’s users, who shall be responsible of the developments of their cities.

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  • Pierre Rosier & Jane Coulon 
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