Shaping Spaces for GenZ

Shaping Spaces for GenZ

8 Mar 2017
, Australia

1.Title of the Campus: Shaping Spaces for GenZ 

2.Lead Partner Organization: Urban Synergies Group

3.Other Partner Organization(s) Co-Hosting the Campus: University of Canberra - Health Research Institute
4.UTC Date: Wednesday, 8 March 2017 
5.Location / Venue: Canberra/Australia/University of Canberra, University Drive South Building 24, Ann Harding Conference Centre
6.Language: English
7. Sustainable Developement Goals addressed by this UTC: 
8.Description of the Campus

The Urban Thinker Campus will focus on environments that foster healthy childhood development in the broadest sense of this term i.e. including mental and physical capacities, social and psychological development and connectedness to community. Childhood obesity, physical inactivity, environmental design, child empowerment and the right to play and interact will be central themes. 

- To bring a wide range of key stakeholders together. 
- To critically discuss potential future approaches, discuss opportunities and to empower children in accordance with the 
UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
- To implement an innovative approach to decision making and action planning.
- To identify and agree on tangible actions that may achieve effective outcomes for childhood obesity prevention and 
healthier environments for children.

9. UTC Programme :  DOWNLOAD HERE
10.List of Speakers / Moderators: 
  • Moderator, Dr Anthony Burton, University of Canberra, Centre for Urban and Regional Futures, Australia
  • Speaker, Minister Meegan Fitzharris MLA, Minister for Health & Minister for Transport Canberra and City Services, Australia
  • Table coordinator, Annie Kentwell - Active Living Coordinator, Heart Foundation ACT, Australia
  • Table coordinator, Michelle Narracott - Executive Director Strategy, Innovation and Customer Experience, ACT Government
  • Table coordinator, Edwina Robinson - Communication Manager, Office of the Commissioner for the Environment and Sustainability
  • Table coordinator, Karen Wright - President of Planning Institute of Australia ACT, Australia
  • Dr. Kate Auty, Commissioner for the Environment and Sustainability for the ACT, Australia
  • Prof. Tong Liu, Yale University, USA and China
  • Speaker, Dr. Paul Kelly, Chief Health Officer, ACT Government, Australia
  • Speaker, Prof. Tom Cochrane, University of Canberra, Health Research Institute, Australia
  • Speaker, Gregor H. Mews, Founding Director, Urban Synergies Group, Australia and Germany
  • Speaker, Dr. Lisa Scharoun, Co-Founder Cross Culture Design Lab, University of Canberra, Australia
  • Speaker, Assoc. Prof. Paul Tranter, University of New South Wales in Canberra, Australia
  • Moderators (14/15) Table coordinator, Prof. Rachel Davey, Director Health Research Institute, University of Canberra, Australia
  • Moderators (15/15) Table coordinator, Jodie Griffiths-Cook, Public Advocate and Children and Young People Commissioner- ACT Human Rights Commission
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14. UTC Report

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