François Ascher Meeting: individual, hypermodernity, metapolis

François Ascher Meeting: individual, hypermodernity, metapolis

Awarded of the Grand prix de l'urbanisme in 2009, François Ascher was an internationally renowned economist and sociologist. His work legacy will be debated on December 18 in Paris.

How François Ascher's contributions are relevant for today's research, public debate and urban action?

François Ascher, who departed in 2009, very early pointed to the emergence of the "metapolis" and the mechanisms linking mobility and urbanization. The core of his work draws on the structural transformations of the contemporary society. He developed the thesis of hypermodernity, which is not the end of modernity or capitalism, or of the city, but on the contrary their "exaggeration", their "radicalization".
In 2007 he analysed how ecology would open up opportunities for a rebound through new "ecological goods": cleantech which could enable today's society to last, and new energy technologies as alternatives to changes in lifestyles or changes in urban designs.
His analyses cover daily life but also the constitution of society and space planning.
Founder of the City on the Move Institute, he defended the right to mobility in a context of increasing individuation and urbanization.

This meeting, based on the major themes developed by François Ascher (the individual, hypermodernity, the metapolis), will bring together researchers from various disciplines, as well as city actors and designers: Alain Bourdin, Danilo Martuccelli, Jean Viard, Dana Diminescu, Philippe Gargov, Nathalie Roseau, Jean-Louis Cohen, Catherine Goniot, Jean-Baptiste Marie, Jean-Marc Offner, Eric Le Breton, Mireille Apel-Muller, Jean-Pierre Poulain, Gilles Delalex, Pierre Veltz, Xavier Desjardins, Jean-Pierre Orfeuil, Taoufik Souami, Ariella Masboungi, Alexandre Mussche, Franck Eckardt, Marcus Zepf.

With the support of : City on the Move-VEDECOM Institute; Plan Urbanisme Construction Architecture, Ministère de la Transition écologique et solidaire, Ministère de la Cohésion des territoires et des relations aux collectivités; Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture de Clermont-Ferrand; Ecole d'Urbanisme de Paris; Urbanisme review.

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Article by Julien Barbier
Photo Credit: Thomas Gogny (CC), Pexels (CC)