The Future We Want - Children and Youth speak up

The Future We Want - Children and Youth speak up

World Vision International engages Children and Youth to express their voices on “The Future They Want and The City They Need”

Children are the first casualties of urban poverty – often living on the streets and engaged in hazardous child labour. Children are most vulnerable to the health and safety risks present in urban slums such as lack of clean environment, poor infrastructure, inadequate services, crime, violence, trafficking and social, economic and physical exclusion.

As a lead partner of UN-Habitat’s World Urban Campaign, World Vision will host two Urban Thinkers Campuses. Themed “Healthy and Just Cities for Children and Youth”, the first Campus will be held in Geneva, Switzerland on World Cities Day, October 31. The second Campus themed “Ethical Cities –The Global Challenge” will be co-hosted with the UN Global Compact Cities Programme in Melbourne, Australia in February 2016.

The first “Healthy and Just Cities for Children and Youth” Campus will serve as a knowledge and consensus building platform to enable collaboration and partnerships to contribute to healthy and just cities. Access to water, waste and sanitation issues will be the focus of the event with dialogue and discussions to promote scale-up of promising practices and solutions in growing cities in select regions.

The second “Ethical Cities – The Global Challenge” Campus will explore the tenets of an ethical city; the role of ethics, public trust and fairness in government; ethical business practices; and the role of citizens in shaping ethical cities, including children and youth. The events will bring together key figures from UN agencies, international and local NGO sector, local, national and regional governing bodies, heads of diplomatic missions and academic institutions to explore solutions and multi-stakeholder opportunities that contribute to Cities for Children. During the World Urban Forum 7 in Medellin, Colombia, World Vision co-hosted with UN-Habitat, the first Children’s Assembly alongside the Youth Assembly. By leading the first Children’s Assembly, World Vision ensured that children voices were heard at a global platform. The event helped to change the perception of children’s role in shaping cities, which has traditionally been non-existent, and to raise awareness of the importance of their inclusion and contribution in designing safe, resilient, prosperous and healthy cities for the 21st century. As a member of the newly formed General Assembly of Partners and interim chair of the Children and Youth Constituent Group, World Vision will continue to promote children’s voices and their genuine participation in the key processes leading up to Habitat III.