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Be part of regional campaigns through the WUC towards WUF 11! The City We Need Now in Africa, Asia,

Dear WUC Partners, dear Followers, dear friends, We will soon launch The City We Need Now! Action Campaign towards the World Urban Forum 11. The campaign will raise awareness on the role of cities as accelerators to achieve the New Urban Agenda and the SDGs towards a better urban future! We cannot loose time any longer and need to take action now! One way is to join hands in cities and communities to accelerate action through catalytic partnerships and by promoting the best solutions to the current challenges. In 2022, we will also launch regional action campaigns in order to better contextualise actions and solutions and reach broader audiences. We are therefore calling upon your organizations to express your interest in participating in these regional campaigns through events, webinars, action days, etc. Some of your organizations may take the lead or simply contribute and benefit from the visibility of these campaigns towards the World Urban Forum 11, to be held in Katowice at the end of June 2022. We would like to invite you to join the first round of regional consultations to be held on Wednesday 24 November on Zoom as follows: 9:30 -10:30 AM (EAT, Nairobi) ASIA PACIFIC regional consultation ZOOM LINK - REGISTER HERE 13:00 -14:00 AM (EAT, Nairobi) EUROPE & CIS regional consultation ZOOM LINK - REGISTER HERE 15:30 -16:30 AM (EAT, Nairobi) AFRICA AND THE MIDDLE EAST regional consultation ZOOM LINK - REGISTER HERE 17:30 -18:30 AM (EAT, Nairobi) AMERICAS regional consultation meeting ZOOM LINK - REGISTER HERE The objectives of these meetings will be to gather interest and brainstorm on campaign activities by regions and sub-regions: launches, campus events, action days, role of nominated City Changers, piggy-bagging on already planned events, branding, etc. All WUC partners are welcome to these meetings to share ideas!

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