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SAVE THE DATE - Urban Economy Forum 4

For the Urban Economy Forum's 4th annual conference, UEF4. WHEN & WHERE #UEF4 will be held both in-person in the City of Toronto, Canada, and virtually, on October 3-4, 2022, in conjunction with the United Nations’ celebration of World Habitat Day.


The Urban Economy Forum will host its fourth annual conference, UEF4, an important venue for financial institutions, economic organizations, urban practitioners and stakeholders, city leaders, and, academia, to participate in an open dialogue on Sustainable Urban Development with a focus on the urban economy. In addition, it will be a venue for brainstorming, networking, and making vital connections that can lead to new initiatives, research, and funding. The title of this year’s Forum is “Sustainable Urban Finance”. The format of the Forum will be hybrid in nature, with in-person and virtual participation. The Forum will have plenary sessions, paper presentations, and thematic discussion and facilitate a tour of Regent Park where the World Urban Pavilion, a joint initiative of UEF, and UN-Habitat with the support of the Government of Canada and Daniels Corporation is situated.


We are honored to have some the governmental organizations at the level of decision-makers, including but not limited to; the office of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Global Solution of UN-Habitat and other UN agencies, members of parliament, mayors and councilors, CEOs of banks and financial institutions, presidents and academic members of universities, private sector and NGOs, and community members from Canada and all over the world.

The main themes of the #UEF4 are as follows:

Cities, Financial Institutions, and Sustainable Urban Finance / Exploring Theoretical Concepts The concepts of sustainable urban economy and municipal finance need to be identified. These concepts are expected to be very broad and varied. We need to recognize the concepts, definitions, and foundations of the core concepts in this area, in presenting initiatives, platforms, proposals, suggestions, and anything that can help us to achieve sustainable urban resources in the form of cooperation between economic organizations and urban organizations. UEF4 provides a unique opportunity for innovators, researchers, and enthusiasts in the field of urban economics to be able to put their ideas into action in the relationship between the executive apparatus and knowledge production centers.

Cities and climate financing

UEF4 will bring together international and national financial institutions and provide an opportunity to understand the state of climate financing for cities and explore the role of climate finance in facilitating the development of inclusive, participatory, gender and age-responsive cities. There will be opportunities to identify the challenges faced by cities in accessing and attracting climate finance and sharing information on available support. Lack of finance and access to finance at the sub-national level is a major barrier that is preventing cities from realizing their sustainability ambitions, particularly in developing countries.

Capacity building and financing technologies in the construction industry and building materials in the Global South is another important issue that can be discussed under the umbrella of circular technology (for the regions that have investing and capital problems). These types of technologies can not only reduce the cost of building housing but also reduce carbon emissions while lowering the cost of labor. Accordingly, we declare the establishment of a global platform for urban finance and urban economy to be a leading fund or financial system in a way that can achieve these goals.

Emerging Financial Models and Technologies

Despite the changes that have taken place since the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is becoming ever more dependent on IT. On the other hand, new financial exchange models such as digital and cryptocurrencies are the basis for creating a different economy. The environmental impacts of how new digital coins are created need to be examined. The use of blockchain to promote a decentralized digital economy that gives citizens control over their own data that could challenge the current digital oligopoly will also be discussed. The experiences of the previous three forums have shown that to achieve sustainable development, we must build dialogues and close cooperation with stakeholders. The World Urban Pavilion in Regent Park is a space and program that achieves this goal. The Pavilion was established in accordance with sustainable urban economy approaches and advances its programs in this manner. Therefore, it is important that we focus on the opportunities that exist for forming effective collaborations between the two types of institutions- including executive and -decision maker institutions - in addition to creating dialogues in the following subtitles.

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Urban Development

In the wake of the post-COVID-19 world, to address the issues around urban economic development, the new buzz is the importance of creating a sustainable Circular Economy (CE). It is considered to be a game-changer.


We welcome you to join us on October 3 & 4, 2022, either virtually or physically from 9.00 am to 5 pm (Canada Eastern Time).

For the most up-to-date news on the #UEF4, make sure to follow the Urban Economy Forum on social media: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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