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Urban Thinkers Campus (Phase 9): Deadline for applications EXTENDED

Dear WUC Partners, dear UTC participants, dear friends

We are happy to inform you that the call for proposals for the Urban Thinkers Campus Phase 9. (UTC 9.0) is a great success!

Due to the enthusiasm received from you, we would like to announce that the call for proposals is EXTENDED up to 26 February 2024 (midnight GMT)!  

All WUC partners keen on hosting an Urban Thinkers Campus in 2023-24 are encouraged to apply online (HERE).

The Purpose and focus

Urban Thinkers Campuses serve as platforms for collaborative thinking, fostering the exchange of ideas and innovative solutions to urban challenges. With a mandate to deliver critical recommendations addressing pertinent urban topics, the UTCs aim to be catalysts for positive change.

Submission Requirements:

Organizations aspiring to host a UTC in the upcoming cycle must have previously organized a UTC and are required to submit reports for their last event to qualify for consideration. This prerequisite ensures a commitment to the ongoing dialogue and implementation of recommendations from past initiatives. (Note: Organizations which are not members of WUC and would like to host an UTC may contact the secretariat for additional information).

Online Application Process:

Applications for hosting an UTC in 2024 should be submitted online through the official application form. The link to the application form is:

Prospective organizers are urged to review the UTC GUIDE, accessible at, before initiating the application process. The guide provides comprehensive insights into the UTC model, preparatory steps, and specific requirements to ensure a successful event.

Urban Thinkers Campus Approved (1st Call) :

Affordable Housing as a Key to Sustainable Development.

GPEAN Global Planners Education Association Network

Building Sustainable Eco-Cities: A Collaboration Platform Between African and French Cities for a Sustainable Urban Future.

Fondation Eboko 

Collective HOMEwork: Co-creating Solutions for the Global Housing Crisis 

Commonwealth Association of Planners (CAP)

Community Land Trust, a tool for fair and affordable access to housing 


Holistic Housing: Biourbanism and Ecocities' Approach to Healthy Human Habitats

Ecocity Builders 

Housing and Decarbonization Lab

Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization

Housing Matters in Local Government  for Better Life 

4-H Nepal

Integrated Urban Development: Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Cities 

Urban Development Fund

Reimagining Housing - Innovating for the Climate Transition

Global Urban Development Malta (GUD Malta)

Safe, affordable and inclusive housing for all

Red Dot Foundation

Smart Cities: Green and Renewable Energy

Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University

Sustainable and affordable housing and the issues of the informal city

Urbanistes Sans Frontieres (USF)

Sustainable Housing for a Sustainable City

The Madras Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Urban Legislation and Right to the City: A new paradigm for implementation of NUA and SDG 11

CJUR International - Habitat Professional Forum 

UrbEx: Urban Walk Series 

School of Public Policy, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

UTC Sustainability in the Built Environment: Galapagos experience

Smartly Social Enterprise on the SDGs - International Union of Architects (UIA) - St Gallen University


Please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification or additional information.

We thank you for the continued support and look forward to a positive response to the UTC 9.0 call.

Kind regards,

UN-Habitat WUC Secretariat



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