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The majority of us are basking in the cool weather, however, winter can simply throw a curveball in regards to skincare. With this particular drop in temperatures cosmetic surgery Dubai adversely affecting the healthiness of the skin, it requires a little extra TLC to prevent dryness and itchiness from overtaking and ruining the fun. Oils, depending in your taste, could be an ideal solution. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, some of the best body oils on the market can prevent the skin from going dry while helping replenish and rejuvenate. Oils with a greater proportion of palmitic and stearic acids, and a well-balanced ratio of oleic and linoleic acids, are believed ideal. The experts over at  aroma , who boasts of a unique assortment of over 30 natural and certified organic face and body oils, swear by almond oil, tamanu oil, and avocado oil as the very best three recommended best body oils for restoring and transforming dry, dehydrated skin into supple, vitamin-rich skin.

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