1. Partnership Modalities

PSUP wants to make it as easy as possible for campaign partners to be Up for Slums Dwellers

The campaign is offering opportunities for direct financial funding as well as in-kind contributions across a range of categories. PSUP wants campaign partners to understand clearly where their contributions would go and what genuine impact they will have, as well as the benefits that organisations, institutions and companies will get for their engagement.

All contributions go into supporting UN-Habitat’s Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme activities including both 1) the development of the adequate tools and knowledge to plan and guide slum upgrading initiatives, and 2) the development, design and implementation of the vital physical outcomes for improving slum dwellers’ living conditions.

UN-Habitat as a technical UN programme is supporting the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Habitat III’s New Urban Agenda within its mandate to promote socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities. Thus, UN-Habitat is calling for financial and in-kind support to assist in the commendable task of transforming the lives of the one billion people living in slums.




Countries already implementing the Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme can increase their co-funding for programme implementation in order to scale it up to cities and towns not yet covered. Likewise, current PSUP cities and towns can boost their co-funding in order to implement their PSUP’s City-Wide Slum Upgrading Strategies in full.

  1. Partner Eligibility
  1. Partner’s characteristics:

Development partners, organisations, institutions, academia and private sector are expected to be Up for Slum Dwellers campaign’s partners, not individuals –as per UN rules and regulations. Institutions wanting to join should not have on-going controversies in PSUP implementing countries.

The modality of engagement will be via a Memorandum of Understanding and a Contribution Agreement between the campaign’s partners and UN-Habitat. These agreements and membership will cover a period of a maximum two (2) years, renewable.

  1. Vetting of partners:

This is a mandatory process to be conducted at the global and national levels, by UN-Habitat’s review committee and the different PSUP Country Teams respectively, consisting of the partners’ analysis and the issuing of an official invitation from concerned PSUP countries and the said committee.

  1. Commitment to PSUP’s Mission and Principles:

A sincere commitment to the mission and principles of the Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme is expected from campaign partners, and this commitment is reflected on the partnerships’ documents.

  1. Partners’ impact:

Many aspects are considered as part of the impact to be achieved thanks to the campaign partners’ contribution, including (1) the funding of specific tangible outcomes –from capacity development of country partners and training workshops to community-led physical projects in slum neighbourhoods, (2) support the PSUP’s implementation at country level, backing the development of activities and the production of the different outputs and tools of the programme, and (3) support the related global platforms for knowledge exchange and advocacy that the programme has in place.

e. Partners’ benefits:

Among the benefits that the different categories of partners can expect in return are:  the World Urban Campaign’s benefits, the PSUP outputs, Up for Slum Dwellers’ Champions Kit with all key information and contacts including key country level information, a calendar of the campaign’s key events, opportunity to participate in a number of PSUP Country Team meetings, partnership branding on all material and during all events including opportunity to be present at events and launches, branding in PSUP materials as a champion partner, periodical updates on progress and an Up for Slum Dwellers Annual Report detailing specific actions and expenditure.